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Bit of a rant, but like when did preamps become these magic go-to boxes that can cure cancer and give you the tone of your...

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kennybro 1 minute ago
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It's easy to find negative feedback on the 193. Any of you guys loving it for vocals? If so what type of voices do you find it...

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mikehalloran 4 minutes ago
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I’m on the verge of purchasing my first control surface. I have a small home studio, and am mixing itb using Pro Tools. My...

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chp 7 minutes ago
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Hello. I'm looking for some advice from professional audio engineers who know this subject well. I gathered my questions about...

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deuc647 8 minutes ago
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So, I've upgraded my converters and my Mac and now have an awful lot of processing power at my disposal. I've always worked at...

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thenoodle 38 minutes ago
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This post should maybe be in the Low End Theory forum but: I have an M&K sub in my home studio that has an LPF only that I've...

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Martel80 1 hour ago
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Covid crushing me at the moment so I’m binging Yellowstone. Anyone try mixing in a cowboy hat? Would the brim mess things up?

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Bushman 1 hour ago
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Enough already of all the "what's your favourite..." threads, how about the opposite? Which piece of gear just fills...

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Rob 28 1 hour ago
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So right now I have a Korg padKONTROL (white version) that I use for acoustic styled drumming with 3rd party Kontakt instruments....

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imhungry 2 hours ago
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Hey guys, i am looking for a preamp for recording vocal and electric guitar. Rightnow i have a AKG C414XLII for vocal , a SM57...

Roy Zhang
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JL1000 2 hours ago
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I'm a hobbyist. I don't mix professionally anymore but I still have a few projects here and there sometime and I'm contemplating...

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Martel80 2 hours ago
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I have a pair of Kali LP-6 they've done pretty well, but I'm looking for something with more detail. Has anyone heard the Focal...

Peter Pav
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hereticskeptic 3 hours ago
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...or just a prop that was on hand? I don't recognize it, but there's probably a bunch I haven't seen. Can't figure they'd get...

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Jidis 4 hours ago
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Hello, I have an EV 635A microphone plugged into my A&H mixer. The output of the microphone is soooo quiet, that I need to...

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kennybro 4 hours ago
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Is there a problem, generally, in chaining mic and TRs cables? I want to neatly hug three mic and TRS cables (for phones) around...

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kennybro 4 hours ago
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DPA 4018 DPA 2028 Neumann KMS105 Sennheiser MD441 Beyerdynamic M88tg Shure SM58 Earthworks SR40v Earthworks SR314 Shure...

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JLast 5 hours ago
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Thought it might be useful to have a thread discussing mics by brand...opinions those who have used of course of top interest....

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Drumsound 5 hours ago
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Any budget friendly suggestions for spot micing cymbals?? I've been using sm57's just because that's what I had 5 of (I'll need 5...

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elegentdrum 5 hours ago
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After a long wait the first Silver Bullets started trickling out and I was one of the first to receive one. As fate would have it...

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drBill 5 hours ago
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Hi everyone, I bought a used ASP880 six or eight months ago from a friend of a friend, and up until last week it's been a really...

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skillzmcgavern 5 hours ago
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As the title suggests: I have 300€ to spend for a dynamic mic. New or used I don’t care. Mainly for vocals but should...

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Penguino 5 hours ago
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Hello everyone ! howdy I've been reading this forum since I was old enough to use the internet, but this is the first time I'm...

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antuwen 5 hours ago
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For those interested in hearing a complete track of nothing but DPA mics, including the new 4055 on both kick and bass, I present...

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TL2 6 hours ago
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Hi, Right, starting to get crazy over here. Got an not even a year old Heritage Elite 73EQ preamp. Which has been working...

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laytonstruggle 7 hours ago
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How do I clock these three boxes together? Clarett+ 8Pre - Interface. Has word clock output Behringer ADA8200 - D/A. Has word...

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Pollo 7 hours ago
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I greatly miss the SST-282 Space Station plugin that was discontinued and died with PT10 TDM. Anyone know of ANYTHING that can...

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Hyder boy 7 hours ago
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iFi audio 8 hours ago
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Hello all. I'd like to preface this with a disclaimer informing everyone that I am a total beginner to studio recording, a noob,...

Herkemer Jones
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Burstwurst 9 hours ago
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I keep going back and forth in my brain! I'm not looking for gospel here, just a friendly conversation to maybe open my mind,...

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sparqee 10 hours ago
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Hey all. Sorry this is going to be a long post but I need advice on completing my mic kit so I need to describe what I'm trying...

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BernieW 11 hours ago
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Hello all, Some time ago I got interested in the IR sampling techniques and their capabilities in terms of using hardware in...

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echodeal 11 hours ago
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Just purchased 2 new dbx 160a's the manual mentioned a transformer upgrade, but which ones and where do I buy these, I live in...

Analogue Mastering
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Graham Sound 12 hours ago
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I'm getting a Behringer XR18 tablet controlled digital mixer soon and I've heard some people say it's best to purchase an...

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gravyface 12 hours ago
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Can anyone recommend a unit that combines all the same functions as a DBX 286s, but is superior? I can get one of these new...

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logancircle2 12 hours ago
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Anyone into video production? Really I mean of and in your studio. I’ve come to the conclusion slowly that people like to...

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Aural Endeavors 12 hours ago
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The CM6 has been around for going on a decade and it had a lot of admirers here in Gearslutz with it's biggest cheerleader being...

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IndigoSol 12 hours ago
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Hey! Share how you guys go about! Let’s say you finished recording a project, vocals, drums, guitars etc. And you...

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Dave Polich 13 hours ago
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Hi everyone! I have an Apollo Twin Quad and have been collecting a lot of my favorite analog equipment over the past few months....

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jsa 15 hours ago
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Good afternoon. Hopefully this is a stupid question. I recently purchased a Digitech RP80 - the instructions are generally...

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Skuzzzy 15 hours ago
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Hi all, I have a rectangular diaphragm condenser pair (Pearl ELM A) that is the basic foundation of my small recording setup....

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cheu78 15 hours ago
Avatar for Mac Kay

Hi! I'm currently using Genelec 8020D (with sonarworks) in my small studio (8 m2) and I need to extend my low end. I was...

Mac Kay
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Alex_HS 15 hours ago
Avatar for Justin1524

Over the years, I've collected what one might consider "bargain" used single rack 8 channel mic preamps. I always find...

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deedeeyeah 15 hours ago
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I hear conflicting opinions on whether an original Auratone 5C sounds/translates better than the new model being offered...

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iLCacciLLo 20 hours ago
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Hello everyone. Recently I had purchased the EV RE2000 because a Guitar Center I go to got it and it seemed like a really...

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Wayne 23 hours ago
Avatar for Funk-O-Meter

Let's hear it... Is the Townsend Labs Sphere modeling mic brilliant or silly? Is it a Kemper for microphones or a Line 6 from the...

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Aural Endeavors 23 hours ago
Avatar for blacky123

Hi I just received my two new ez1073eq that Colin from AML just release this year. Anyone interested? Look pretty good but not an...

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plainofjars 1 day ago
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hooked my Big Ben up, dual bnc outputs. One to a effects processor, one to Alesis BRC remote that feeds a HD24XR via sync cable....

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Jeffro09 1 day ago
Avatar for Mr Funk

For $999, seems a great deal for 3 distinctly different hot swappable capsules.

Mr Funk
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superflybass 1 day ago
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I will soon be moving a few states away from where I am now. In the past, packing my gear has been pretty simple, since I have...

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Drumsound 1 day ago
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You know what I mean. We've all got 'em! Ok, I'll go first; Why does a graphic waveform have top and bottom shapes that aren't...

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zwolf 1 day ago