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Avatar for The Press Desk® has teamed up with our pals at WesAudio® to offer everyone the chance to win one of two limited edition...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 1 week ago
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I was looking into the Cakewalk DAW, which it says on the Bandlab website is free. I'm amazed by this, how can this be...

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ShadowsOfLife 3 minutes ago
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I'm looking at learning Pro Tools for valuable experience since it's regarded as the 'industry standard' DAW used by the pros /...

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avare 7 minutes ago
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Has anyone in the studio world been using the new Neve 8424 mixing desk. There’s a few promo videos from Neve but have any guys...

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Todd M 12 minutes ago
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I have a good-sized selection of Sennheiser mics (below), but the e902 has always been a bit of a no-go for me. - 3x e965 - 8x...

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chris661 35 minutes ago
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hello. I'm bon, new here. ntmu. I'm feeling kinda crossed about something, so I gotta ask for your guys' opinions. I am about to...

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Dave Polich 37 minutes ago
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LDC: AKG C414 XLS, BN BU87i C, Warm WA-47jr FET, Rode NT1-A SDC: AKG C451B, sE sE8 (3), Rode M3, AKG C1000S Dynamic: Shure...

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RayHeath 45 minutes ago
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I've owned a Requisite Audio RTS-4A vacuum tube power supply that's always added a slight hum to the signal. I believe I have...

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Dave Polich 56 minutes ago
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Hi all, could please do with some help here as I'm a little unsure of what to do. I just purchased a Slate Digital VMS ML-1...

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Dave Polich 1 hour ago
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What was the single best audio gear item you bought / acquired in 2022? rockout

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Melgueil 1 hour ago
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A friend just released an EP of material recorded in a cool studio by a well respected engineer. Everyone brought their "A...

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nat8808 1 hour ago
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Just picked up a pair of Altec Big Red speakers with original crossovers. I just ran a quick test with a Crown D-75 that I use...

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janalex 1 hour ago
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As the title suggests: I have 300€ to spend for a dynamic mic. New or used I don’t care. Mainly for vocals but should...

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peachcasti 1 hour ago
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I do not have any electricity issue at my city ! But my setup is now expensive so its risky even though i never faced any issue...

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Jacklove 2 hours ago
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... regularly (4x per week), and that won't damage the gear overtime ?

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kludgeaudio 2 hours ago
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Price hike


Less than half a year ago, the M201TG cost $178 on the Thomann U.S. website. Now it costs $234, so 31% higher. Have you noticed...

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gravyface 2 hours ago
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Just reviewing aspects of Michael Brauer's ABCD bus setup and wondering if anyone's looked at emulating it ITB, and if so what...

Pete G
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skandinav 4 hours ago
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I have a Lynx Aurora 16 with an LT-FW firewire card. I use it with a Mac Pro 5.1 2010 model. I am wondering is there any...

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steveyraff 5 hours ago
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No reviews by actual people. Only the manufacturer and by Sponsored reviews. I would like to hear this thing. Warm send me...

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[email protected] 6 hours ago
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Just wondering if anyone here has installed the kenetek T4B module without doing a recalibration in their KT-2A or any 2A/3A type...

John N
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John N 6 hours ago
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Where do you do your HPFing? On the mic itself, assuming it has one, on the preamp/channel strip, or leave it untouched, and do...

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gravyface 6 hours ago
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recently worked on few songs for Ukrainian / Russian experimental choir / singers ensemble. Just 6 guys recording about 10 takes...

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renesas 7 hours ago
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how do mic manufactures extract the frequency curve of their mics? is there a way i can do this myself? thanks.

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deedeeyeah 7 hours ago
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Getting pretty happy with my bass chain, but I don't see a lot of discussions about tracking bass (rock/alternative in...

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deedeeyeah 9 hours ago
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Hi Folks, can anyone advise on a commercial studio located pretty much anywhere in Norway suitable for drum tracking that has a...

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AwTAC 10 hours ago
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Just thought it would be cool to "Centralize" conversation, Oktava audio clips "in action", etc. All...

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ardis 10 hours ago
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Hi- Im listening to some converters by looping them(DA directly to AD). I had a Orion32 and it degraded my sound. Now i am...

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Lileddmusic 12 hours ago
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I've been gifted this Sony Reel to Reel recorder, 1971 vintage! Underneath the grime, looks like it will be in time-warp...

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avare 13 hours ago
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I have an adhoc collection of cases and boxes and I'd like something more organized. I generally don't like putting the mics...

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kennybro 14 hours ago
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After a long wait the first Silver Bullets started trickling out and I was one of the first to receive one. As fate would have it...

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NoDotWon 16 hours ago
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Hi Guys, Are there any recommendations for a good boom stand and a stereo bar for XY or ORTF? Home studio using a pair of SM 81s...

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Yetti 17 hours ago
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John Leimseider was an amazing equipment technician, working first at Music tech in Los Angeles and then Cantos and NMC museums...

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BrianK 19 hours ago
Avatar for Quetz

In 3D!!! As were Sean, Ells and Ed who met me at KMR to hand over the unit in person, I was the first person that ordered!!...

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CosmicSurfin 20 hours ago
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Hello! I have an OTARI RADAR II system, during bootup I get the following error message: "Missing operating...

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laurentciron 20 hours ago
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I own a pair of HD600s (300ohms) and a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770s (80ohms). From what I've understood, a pair of 300ohm...

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peterbaide 21 hours ago
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Ive had both mics and have repeatedly used and favored the 57 over the 414 for recording tenor and alto sax. Im puzzled as to...

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Progger 21 hours ago
Avatar for Armando

I see this topic was covered years back but would appreciate a current take on where to purchase these connectors. Thanks in...

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BT64 1 day ago
Avatar for 4johnny

When attempting to record tracks from a Kemper spdif OUT. Does it matter if the audio interface digital IN is a low end ZOOM or...

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deedeeyeah 1 day ago
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Hi! I have a problem with my Alesis Microverb II (Micro not Midi) It has wet signal dropouts and change programs by itself (is...

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GLouie 1 day ago
Avatar for iFi audio

Lately, I've been getting more experimental with my vocal mic techniques for some rock records, and I wanted to know what some of...

iFi audio
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s wave 1 day ago
Avatar for skinny del negro

Ok... I want to know what you guys hear in this shootout. Which tone do you prefer? There is a great difference in price...

skinny del negro
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Avatar for Progger
Progger 1 day ago
Avatar for GRiFF

I’m after hardware recommendations for piano. Rock / Pop piano. Setting aside the 1176 / LA2A combo, if you were recording...

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GRiFF 1 day ago
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Looking for a 12u face-up rack. Looking around, they only seem to go up to 10u. Anyone have something they'd recommend? Sterling...

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din 1 day ago
Avatar for nightchef

I’m in the midst of some studio upgrades and getting around to addressing my monitoring situation. My current monitors are a...

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nightchef 1 day ago
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About time we had this discussion here...

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AfterViewer 1 day ago
Avatar for Chevron

Dolby Atmos, Spatial Audio etc for Music - Will It Take off? I am encouraged by the idea of Dolby Atmos for music with...

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keenly 1 day ago
Avatar for BernieW

Hey all. Sorry this is going to be a long post but I need advice on completing my mic kit so I need to describe what I'm trying...

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BernieW 1 day ago
Avatar for sheltersoton

hi has anyone ever experienced any poping and clicking using a motu 424 card? im tracking 14 tracks at once through a 24i/0...

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thirdbody 1 day ago
Avatar for remedym

Nowdays everybody pushes Genelec speakers in the low / mid tier. But really I never saw any of the largest Mixing engineers using...

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slainbabyyc 1 day ago
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Post a photo of what's going on in your studio today..kfhkh We will share selected photos to Gearslutz Instagram :) Note:...

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slainbabyyc 1 day ago
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So I bought some Evans Hydraulic heads and slapped then on the other day; took bottom heads off. Wow, what a quirky sound. ...

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Todd M 1 day ago