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Hi all, I've just bought a Behringer ADA8200 to expand my Focusrite 18i8 interface. I'm starting up a sideline recording...

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Scragend 16 minutes ago
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Hey all. Sorry this is going to be a long post but I need advice on completing my mic kit so I need to describe what I'm trying...

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deedeeyeah 23 minutes ago
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Anybody use both of these or had the option to test them? Right now I'm using the Mohog, and I wan't to know how the compare to...

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Paul_G 29 minutes ago
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Have you ever checked a mix in mono and decided that the mono worked better? I just did. In the old times I'd sometimes have...

Brent Hahn
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deedeeyeah 41 minutes ago
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Currently trying to decode the A&H SQ5 at a concert hall. I’m not a live guy, so while much of it makes sense there does...

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deedeeyeah 59 minutes ago
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DPA 4018 DPA 2028 Neumann KMS105 Sennheiser MD441 Beyerdynamic M88tg Shure SM58 Earthworks SR40v Earthworks SR314 Shure...

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cheu78 1 hour ago
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Let's say you've recorded many songs over the years, at different times, on different equipment, different DAW projects, with...

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Nyberg 1 hour ago
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Bit of a rant, but like when did preamps become these magic go-to boxes that can cure cancer and give you the tone of your...

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Brent Hahn 2 hours ago
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Been considering this interface for a while now, ready to pull the trigger but do I really need it? I have an Audient id14 mkii...

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GeneHall 2 hours ago
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edvdr76 3 hours ago
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Anyone had the chance to compare the Neumann U47 fet to the Sontronics DM1B for use outside the kick?

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almaelectronix 3 hours ago
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Ok, Ok, I know it's looooooong overdue but I have finally got the final 10 mic mix ready for download and voting. I know it is a...

True North
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Stergios T. 4 hours ago
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Hello all. I wanted to know if there’s some type of 500 series preamp that sounds like the focusrite isa. I really love the...

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s12512 4 hours ago
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Years ago, an AT4047mp was my first fancy mic upgrade. I loved that mic. Sounded flattering and expensive. I later sold it and...

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Wayne 5 hours ago
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I got a dead FF800 which I'd like to repair. I used the PS unit from a working FF800 and the dead unit came alive, so obviously...

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JulianFernandez 6 hours ago
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Hi All, A very strange thing happened to me today - For whatever reason I was compelled to listen to a Spotify playlist called...

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nitrateaudio 6 hours ago
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So I popped into the bath thinking with a quick Google I could find out what I had in my hands here. And the closest I could find...

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GLouie 6 hours ago
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I don't know about anyone else, but this just seems too good to be true. The ability to be able to mix and match your modules...

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JLSowther 7 hours ago
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Almost 2019. So what are your thoughts/comments/opinions? Thanks in advance, for your responses. Chris

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ozraves 7 hours ago
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Hi, just a quick one, I recently got an AKG CK99L lapel mic at a great price. Plugged it into an interface and nothing!? The...

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kuasalogam 7 hours ago
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Heard this today! Can anyone identify those OH mics?

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joeq 8 hours ago
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Szorn 9 hours ago
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what to people think about the proliferation of 'cheap' guitar pedals, mixers, pretty much anything that's one notch down from a...

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gravyface 10 hours ago
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The CD player can not read the disc in my Sony DR-S777. It is spinning, takes forever, and nothing happens. Like it can not read...

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Arseny 10 hours ago
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Enough already of all the "what's your favourite..." threads, how about the opposite? Which piece of gear just fills...

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DGL 10 hours ago
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After a long wait the first Silver Bullets started trickling out and I was one of the first to receive one. As fate would have it...

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riffwraith 11 hours ago
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Just checking to see if any one has compared the Radial along with the Hardy Twin Servo's - Thanks

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FastNBulbous 11 hours ago
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Hello everyone. First let me briefly introduce myself. I am Thom and I mostly do home recording. My father was a studio owner and...

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JCmouth 12 hours ago
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gravyface 13 hours ago
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Just thought it would be cool to "Centralize" conversation, Oktava audio clips "in action", etc. All...

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waynel 13 hours ago
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Hi, so I've been listening to a couple of tracks and wondering what horns they use and what gives them their specific sound. They...

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Progger 14 hours ago
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I statement that sticks with me in a big way is something Ulrich Wild said when he was talking about how things have moved from...

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Nickerz 14 hours ago
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I need a pair of good small monitors for a little writing area I'm building in my basement, it's basically a corner of what is no...

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idanaltman 15 hours ago
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My room is an 8ft cube, and untreated. It's really my wee home office, but I also play guitar and record in it. Until now,...

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idanaltman 15 hours ago
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I got it dirt cheap, the build seems good... not much info online as it is discontinued. Does anyone have any experience with...

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EricCagle 16 hours ago
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Hey guys. I'm on the lookout for my first "real" SDC/pair of SDC's for recording acoustic guitar. I have narrowed the...

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Chuck_S 16 hours ago
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I've seen a few mentions of dynamic compression being inherent in certain microphones. I was curious enough to search around...

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gravyface 17 hours ago
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Can anyone recognize these pedals? So far I’ve managed to find the Hologram Infinite Jets, Hologram Microcosm, Gamechanger...

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Seamus TM 18 hours ago
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I recently replaced an older Scarlett interface with the new Clarett+ 8pre. The preamps sound good in the Clarett+, but the gain...

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Plush 19 hours ago
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Put up a thread asking about mics for this in Low End, and it made me wonder what people have on hand and have actually used in...

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Bob Ross 19 hours ago
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Hi Can anybody help I’m trying to get hold of the Cd-Rom that came with the Yamaha aw2400 24 track recorder . I’ve...

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Synclavier22 20 hours ago
Avatar for the Lob

Hi there I'm FOH-Engineer for a kids-punk act and got myself and SQ5 a few days ago. Back on my Yamaha 01v96 I had an effects...

the Lob
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gravyface 22 hours ago
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Hi I'm trying to id this keyboard:...

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BGvanRens 22 hours ago
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I built a studio, one control room, one recording room. I am now looking for a solution for personal monitoring. I have a...

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gravyface 23 hours ago
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Hey, I recently purchased a BLA seventeen and I'm having an issue with the output volume on it changing either when I'm tracking...

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PeterT 23 hours ago
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I'm not sure what size tape I want yet. But I'm really interested in getting a 2 - 4 channel tape machine from ebay or a store...

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jaddie 23 hours ago
Avatar for Qaa

Hello GS! What mic is used in this recording?

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Rumi 1 day ago
Avatar for Slow Learner

I am wondering if anyone has direct experience with both Samar’s Al95 and Beyerdynamic’s M160/M130 series and would be...

Slow Learner
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Qaa 1 day ago
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Hi, I have recently discovered that I get interference in my sound card (Apogee Duet 2), my portable mic (Zoom Hn1) And also an...

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mattenylander 1 day ago
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I know with gain staging it's generally a guideline to get the input levels of audio track beings recorded to around -18dbfs...

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psycho_monkey 1 day ago