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Hello guys. I currently have a Stam SA47 tube (also fet) and blue bottle with 4 capsules. The blue bottle is amazing honestly...

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cheu78 2 minutes ago
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I’ve been wondering how to get as close as I possibly can to vintage / 60s-sounding recordings similar to these with...

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gravyface 2 minutes ago
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Can someone please explain just the basics to me if i wanted to ditch my computer and go analog ? I have some outboard gear,...

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donnylang 3 minutes ago
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Hey, all -- My beloved 414 TK-II is showing its age and may no longer be workable for me. So I'm wondering what you'd...

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cheu78 19 minutes ago
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I know this has been discussed many times but I need a pair of headphones to do mixing on late at night since I don't have too...

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edham 23 minutes ago
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WTF REALLY!?!?!?!.. most of us lived with these things ...and they were...well..fun..I guess... but this is crazy..

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kennybro 49 minutes ago
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I'm amazed that the Alesis SR-16 drum machine, which was released in 1990, is still in production, still being sold new by most...

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nksoloproject 1 hour ago
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Let's hear it... Is the Townsend Labs Sphere modeling mic brilliant or silly? Is it a Kemper for microphones or a Line 6 from the...

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Eigenwert 1 hour ago
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I have a Zoom L-12 digital mixer, which is also a USB audio interface. It's great, but one thing it lacks is that it is not a DAW...

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nksoloproject 1 hour ago
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I bought the Behringer C50A Mixcube and an Avantone Mixcube to test them both and can't decide which to keep. The Behringer is...

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Silky Smoove 1 hour ago
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Looking to see how I should expand my mic locker. Looking for something high-end, up to $1,000, primarily to use for vocals....

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s wave 1 hour ago
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Hi there. I was looking for Radio or Broadcast section on Gearslutz, but to no avail... Hence, i am starting thread here, don't...

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s wave 1 hour ago
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I've recently become acquainted with the beauty of ring modulators and the rich timbres they can induce in an instrument. Are...

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s wave 1 hour ago
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I'm thinking i should get a mixer i've been missing one in my life. 16 channel with direct out what is the best i can buy for...

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tymish 2 hours ago
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Hi My preamp seems noisier than before these days. Here's what come out on an analyser with the gain set at +55db. Nothing...

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invalidusername 2 hours ago
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Hi all, Forgive me if this post is in the wrong section as I am new. I’m creating this post because I’m trying to decide...

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Sircutty 2 hours ago
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How do you use HiFi gear in the studio? I'm sure there are ways we have found the studio vs. HiFi debate can coexist in the same...

iFi audio
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iFi audio 2 hours ago
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After a long wait the first Silver Bullets started trickling out and I was one of the first to receive one. As fate would have it...

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BradM 4 hours ago
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I have a small home studio with several outboard preamps which I use exclusively (no need for onboard audio interface preamps)...

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M50k 5 hours ago
Avatar for Latie

I recently came across this wonderful version of Moanin, by the Art Blakey band. I was struck by the microphone shown at the...

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Latie 6 hours ago
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Hello would anybody have a user manual for a Lexicon MPX 1 for sale please. I don't have a printer myself so downloading a copy...

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mreager 6 hours ago
Avatar for mattkw801

I'm wondering if there is a product to be had where nearly anything reasonable can easily be racked in a 19" rack. I've...

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mattkw801 6 hours ago
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I recently bought an SE Electronics V7 microphone and I absolutely love it. It really makes my vocals shine, has a nice bright...

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chessparov2.0 6 hours ago
Avatar for Daniel Reinaru

I got an old Tesla broadcast console. It's not fully functional, some parts are missing etc. But there are lots of interesting...

Daniel Reinaru
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LukasHromek 7 hours ago
Avatar for Deleted f25ebd2

I’m thinking about consolidating my outboard compression setup, basically having two stereo / dual mono compression options,...

Deleted f25ebd2
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santibanks 7 hours ago
Avatar for VESmedic

I have a driftwood loadbox, and to me it is by far the best sounding loadbox on the planet, absolutely incredible. However, I...

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VESmedic 7 hours ago
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qslprod 8 hours ago
Avatar for hasntbeen

Just saw this online and am pretty excited about the prospect of owning this mic! https://youtu.be/F8wHgv63KOo Anyone have...

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sourpatch 10 hours ago
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Hello! I was wondering what was the cheapest decent option for a small size (5 or 6 slots) 500 lunchbox in 2020? Lindell...

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ilikefruit 10 hours ago
Avatar for ilikefruit

Hey! This spring I started dive into the murky swamps that is the 500 series world. Where chassis, power supplies, really...

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mikebolton 10 hours ago
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Hello Guys, Like many people I love the Weeknd tracks. But while comparing the sound of his recent tracks ( for...

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arnoldorodeo 12 hours ago
Avatar for laytonstruggle

Hi guys! I just got the Roland Space Echo RE-201. I would really appreciate if i could get some guidance on how to route the...

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laytonstruggle 14 hours ago
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Hi guys, Millenia released this 4 band EQ in 2011, 10 years : NSEQ-4 https://www.mil-media.com/NSEQ-4.html How come that...

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DanTheMan06 16 hours ago
Avatar for pheff1

Hi there, I have a Korg M/P and I'm looking for a case. I live in CA and I would like it to be somewhere between $200-500. ...

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pheff1 16 hours ago
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It's been a long time since there was a thread that discussed this, so let's update now and make a master list. Which companies...

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Swilly 17 hours ago
Avatar for EarCandy

I've acquired a Kelsey 16+3 Mixer (circa 1978) that seems to be in good working condition. It has 16 mic pres with line inputs...

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Jesseplays3434 19 hours ago
Avatar for Ross Stranger

Hello! Recently I recorded vocals through a tube preamp from a retro tape recorder using the dynamic microphone that came with...

Ross Stranger
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kennybro 20 hours ago
Avatar for lwstudios

I have been on this forum for years and one thing I've learned on my journey is that there's always that one question, which...

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lwstudios 20 hours ago
Avatar for noiseordinance

Hey guys, hoping to get some pointers. So I have a Focusrite 2i2, first generation, that I have used for some years. This weekend...

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Avatar for kennybro
kennybro 22 hours ago
Avatar for nksoloproject

I remember in the late 90s the sound guy for my band at the time used to have a Tascam minidisc portastudio recorder. I was...

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chessparov2.0 22 hours ago
Avatar for sticks714

Hi all, Looking for user experience with power amps. Currently using a Studiomaster Diamond Pro 8x3 out to a Beheringer...

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Avatar for Synth Guru
Synth Guru 22 hours ago
Avatar for Antaren123

I've been looking for a studio desk for a long time, and I like what I see on their webpage. I appreciate all the options. Does...

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CEG85 23 hours ago
Avatar for WarBeer

I record mostly acoustic instruments and vocals. BUT, per building my mic locker, I picked up a couple SM57's because EVERYONE...

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vashuba 23 hours ago
Avatar for greggybud

I'm looking at active monitors in the 1500-2000k each range. Please...I don't think there is any need to suggest...

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chinesewhiteman 23 hours ago
Avatar for Jeki1992

Hello everyone. I bought a pair of Adam A7X about a month ago, and i have been experiencing insane amounts of problems with...

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Avatar for ccg
ccg 1 day ago
Avatar for black_wolf

hey all the new sp404mkii is 499USD and 899AUD 499USD = 667AUD aussies getting fleeced. anyone know of a reasonably...

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black_wolf 1 day ago
Avatar for Guasto47

So I got a Focusrite Voicemaster pro that takes 220V, I have a 1000W transformer taking the 110V from the wall and putting out...

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Guasto47 1 day ago
Avatar for Psythe

Hi, the previous thread seems to be closed for no apparent reason but there's some useful progress for people who own this desk....

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Avatar for Starliner
Starliner 1 day ago
Avatar for rr16

I am currently looking to upgrade my studio mixer, currently I have been using a Soundcraft Delta 16XL, but unfortunately it more...

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rr16 1 day ago
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s wave 1 day ago