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Hi Gearspace members! I just wanted to thank you ALL for an amazing 20 years of pro audio discussion and online...

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Jules 22nd June 2022
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Who do you want for a Q&A guest? Who would you like to ask questions? Producer, engineer or self recording...

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Jules 14th March 2022
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I have experience with a "budget" condenser KSM44 and it was my workhorse mic for vocals, etc. during my early twenties...

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Sharp11 1 minute ago
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replace "photographer" and "photography" in this video by "audio engineer" / "audio...

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newguy1 1 minute ago
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First off, I've played to clicks since I was in mid-20's, which was a really long time ago. I have good time, and I can sit...

Brent Hahn
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Gruner 22 minutes ago
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Dolby Atmos, Spatial Audio etc for Music - Will It Take off? I am encouraged by the idea of Dolby Atmos for music with...

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keenly 44 minutes ago
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Guys...been seeing this one a LOT lately so buyer beware. Format is typically like this: 1. Highly desirable item in great...

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tradarama 46 minutes ago
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Just thought it would be cool to "Centralize" conversation, Oktava audio clips "in action", etc. All...

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kludgeaudio 59 minutes ago
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I’ve never been a drum loops/samples guy, largely because I’m a drummer and it’s just easier for me to put my ideas down by...

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nitrateaudio 1 hour ago
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OK let me start by saying So Far... I do prefer the early "Terry Kath" era. But am willing to learn more about the...

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nitrateaudio 1 hour ago
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I have a 60s Rhodes keyboard bass. I have looked everywhere for the manufacture date, in different places on the advice of...

George Michael
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George Michael 1 hour ago
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I’ve been using the Neumanns for about three years now. Untreated rooms. For me they’ve always sounded a little dark,...

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Walldough 1 hour ago
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Have to say this is super disappointing as someone that has sworn by SW for a long time now. Hopefully it doesn't become another...

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kennybro 1 hour ago
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I am looking to buy a pair of 8" monitors, in the 500-600 Euro range. I was ready to get the Presonus Eris 8 XT, but I got...

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MaxDM 2 hours ago
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I´ve Been using a Mytek 8X192 since 2006. Since 1214 I´ve using a Mytek Firewire DIO card with firewire400>firewire800...

Søren Bendixen
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BrownOnBrown 2 hours ago
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I am getting back into using my CS2 console now that it is operational (with the exception of the computer for the ES108...

waldie wave
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waldie wave 3 hours ago
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Hey all. Sorry this is going to be a long post but I need advice on completing my mic kit so I need to describe what I'm trying...

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BernieW 3 hours ago
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Hey guys what type/size solder wire do you recommend? Also give me your top 3 tips for ‘kit’ first timer

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christube 5 hours ago
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I recently was able to acquire a O-12 input transformer, and decided to try it out in my Hairball 1176 rev D. I typically use...

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rjb5191 5 hours ago
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(I’m a singer/songwriter, well treated home studio, and have a decent high gain preamp) Tube condenser (smooth high...

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frans 6 hours ago
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Wondering if this would be a good front of kick mic.

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analoggg 8 hours ago
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Post a photo of what's going on in your studio today..kfhkh We will share selected photos to Gearslutz Instagram :) Note:...

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chessparov2.0 9 hours ago
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I really dig the Elliot Smith albums Rob Schnapf did with Tom Rothrock. I also really like the sound of the first Foo record,...

max cooper
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chinesewhiteman 11 hours ago
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I bought a non working PL6 microphone. I was hoping it was just a connection issue, but i opened it up and there was no...

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analoggg 12 hours ago
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Enough already of all the "what's your favourite..." threads, how about the opposite? Which piece of gear just fills...

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Jeroko 12 hours ago
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I have the Telefunken TF51 and TF47 here on demo for baritone male VO work and both are pretty good indeed, def usable - quiet,...

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Sanchez 13 hours ago
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I know this has been discussed many times but I need a pair of headphones to do mixing on late at night since I don't have too...

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pw2005 13 hours ago
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After I decided to move away from music as a career and took a 9-5, I moved from a 3 bedroom home to a 1 bedroom condo. My...

3rd Degree
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researchtriangle 13 hours ago
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Hi all! So I recently acquired a Soundcraft 6000 console for free. It's the 24 in, 24 bus and bantam patchbay config of the...

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Brian M. Boykin 14 hours ago
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Obviously a 500 series may save money and space but when is it appropriate to choose a rack or desk piece for it's (sometimes)...

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Gruner 14 hours ago
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Hi Gear People, Are the Audient ASP800's ADAT port and DB25 analog connector simultaneously active / mirrored / emitting...

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MediaGary 15 hours ago
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Hi, I’m looking to buy a set of IEM’s for monitoring mainly keys, bass, vocals and sometimes drums. At the moment I’m...

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dickiefunk 15 hours ago
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Hello, Here we go again with another interface post... I need some advice on what I should do in my current situation. I...

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mcgilroy 16 hours ago
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I guess this thought is inspired by the "Modern" vs "Out of Date" Production thread and I am now wondering,...

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JLast 17 hours ago
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Got two FMR RNC 500, wonderful, great sounding! How do I stereo link them? I see the switch on the front panel but should I...

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jdier 17 hours ago
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The 'Hot Rod' Eureka is a special edition of the Presonus Eureka customized with a high-zoot chipset and tranny - OpAmps Linear...

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m1m_momt 19 hours ago
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Hi guys, I'm looking for infos about this eq. Anyone using this AML Meq-5? Any review on the net? Thank you for your...

E Artsy Moods
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rob61 19 hours ago
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Hi everyone 👋🏻Just wanted to share my experience with Peluso microphones and see if anyone else had similar experience. Or...

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toledo3 19 hours ago
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In 3D!!! As were Sean, Ells and Ed who met me at KMR to hand over the unit in person, I was the first person that ordered!!...

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papadelicate 19 hours ago
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Hey guys, So I've had this problem for a few years: High gain guitar and dynamic mics pick up a "directional" buzz;...

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_starbelly 20 hours ago
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A lot of musicians wrap cables around their arm when coiling them up, which logically seems like a good way to do it. However...

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gravyface 20 hours ago
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Source is Kajagoogoo's "Hang on Now (Extended Mix)" at 16/44.1 from a Lynx Hilo. I printed on center tracks for the...

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burns46824 20 hours ago
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Just purchased 2 new dbx 160a's the manual mentioned a transformer upgrade, but which ones and where do I buy these, I live in...

Analogue Mastering
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Karloff70 20 hours ago
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The underlying file is an unmastered version of Going All In by Kurt Nilsen. I have run it through hardware, a API 212L preamp...

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highvoltage 20 hours ago
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Hi. I have the 2022 Ludwig "Black Cat" custom. It's a dry, warm, punchy, vintage-sounding kit in legacy mahogany, wood...

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Bushman 21 hours ago
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I've started a thread about the possibility of hearing absolute phase over at the diy audio forum that became quite an...

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Storm Mastering 22 hours ago
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Hi a few months ago I updated my audio interface to RME UFX II to upgrade my performance and the latency problem that I had, and...

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Mohamedmaghraby 22 hours ago
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Hi GS'ers Anyone using a Argosy Halo Plus or Ultimate? Are you using the Iso Acoustic monitor stand or do you prefer to...

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blayz2002 22 hours ago
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I've called, emailed, and knocked on their door (granted, 10 minutes before listed closing time on their website), no answer....

Russell Anderson
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toledo3 1 day ago
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So I recently acquired a WA-87R2 Mic and wanted to get the best sound I could for my budget and the Scarlett 2i2 is nice but I...

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weave 1 day ago
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Or rather, why is it a thing that some ppl seem to feel they have to point out. "Dawless setup", "Dawless...

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Analogue Mastering 1 day ago
Avatar for The Padded Room

As a crazed collector of vintage mics, I have to say that for functionality and use-ablilty, I am a lover of Electro-Voice. ...

The Padded Room
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BernieW 1 day ago