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Hi Gearspace members! I just wanted to thank you ALL for an amazing 20 years of pro audio discussion and online...

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Jules 5 days ago
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Who do you want for a Q&A guest? Who would you like to ask questions? Producer, engineer or self recording...

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Jules 14th March 2022
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Lets see if this topic is as contentious as tape vs digital. My own view is that vinyl has always sucked. Any vinyl album quickly...

Rob Coates
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Sharp11 7 minutes ago
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Not associated with this channel, just sharing for those interested in a modern mastering session with very high end...

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init0 24 minutes ago
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Post a photo of what's going on in your studio today..kfhkh We will share selected photos to Gearslutz Instagram :) Note:...

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chessparov2.0 32 minutes ago
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Hi, I'm searching for some pop or rock live shows that were mixed at the highest possible level (I know how it sounds :lol: ). It...

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norfolk martin 34 minutes ago
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I did some shootouts of my HW compressors vs plugin compressors on acoustic guitar. In my results so far, even the cheapest HW...

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norfolk martin 45 minutes ago
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Hi guys could you tell wich microphone did Johnny Cash used on his album American Recordings? Do you have any technical...

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deedeeyeah 52 minutes ago
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Hi all, I was wondering if you guys knew what was used by the Wailer's keyboard player in the following clip: YouTube - Bob...

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ilovesound 54 minutes ago
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As you may have seen from another thread I started, I'm looking at getting a good mic for my saxophone. This would mostly be for...

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john_dikeman 1 hour ago
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Hello form people! I do basic vocal engineering for a friend of mine, and she has a very unique voice that I'm trying to find a...

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deedeeyeah 1 hour ago
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I wasn't sure where to post this as I wanted advice from anyone who has this mic/used it for some time. I'm considering...

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Genesis1 1 hour ago
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So I had a chance to borrow my friend's OTO BAM for the weekend, and I really liked it. But before I spend $600 on a new one I...

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the fxs 2 hours ago
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So I finally narrowed my choice for a premium vocal mic to these two options. Everywhere I turn seems to state the Soyuz 017...

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kennybro 2 hours ago
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Hello, long time lurker here. I would like to upgrade my living room situation which is about 5x6 meters with a better speakers....

Lucas Delucca
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Lucas Delucca 3 hours ago
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Didn’t know which forum to post in.. Do we have any piano techs in here? I have a nice upright piano in my studio that has...

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Peakly 3 hours ago
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2 nights ago, my beloved Beyer M88N died while on duty: barely inside a kick drum hole. Now, I knew the TG version should be used...

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joeq 3 hours ago
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Is it OK to use both the 1/4" TRS balanced and XLR Main Output outputs of the Samson SM10 Rack Mixer to drive inputs on two...

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ClintGoss 3 hours ago
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EVE Audio SC3070 owners, do you use a sub with them? Is the low end enough? Interested...

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enjoysilence 3 hours ago
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hi, after 10 years (of wasted time) on my mackies 824 i finally realized that i NEED new monitor speakers urgently. after a bit...

mr. harrison
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Mikedgtl 4 hours ago
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Hi Y'all, I use analog tape at some point of the process on most of the records I work on. Lately I've been doing more...

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JB_RCS 5 hours ago
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Has anyone with a Black Lion Bluey compressor noticed their attack knob runs in reverse from a normal 1176? On my unit, 1 (fully...

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kennybro 5 hours ago
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How do you use negative feedback with hardware delay and reverb units like Eventide and Lexicon? This is not about DAW...

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Synth Guru 5 hours ago
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kfhkh By far delay is the most used effect of the most used effects, chorus, delay, reverb. By far delay has the widest range...

italo de angelis
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daniel1990 7 hours ago
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Good day, I have just received the SSL Big Six new and installed it in my setup. In this I get an unpleasant, audible, rhythmic,...

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MarcPascal 7 hours ago
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I have a pair of Genelec 8030’s which I’m using with a 7040 Subwoofer. My question is, at what volume is the sub...

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deedeeyeah 12 hours ago
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Just saw this online and am pretty excited about the prospect of owning this mic! Anyone have...

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ThePremiere 13 hours ago
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Hello! I have a pair of Westlake Audio BBSM-6 monitors. My room is not at a recording studio, but a spare bedroom in my house....

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BernieW 14 hours ago
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EQP-KT | Equalizers | Signal Processors | Klarkteknik | Categories | MUSIC Group Price anyone?

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Kevster 16 hours ago
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Context: Home studio. For multiple non-negotiable reasons, the only things being mic’ed are vocals (male and female) and...

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OneAgainst 17 hours ago
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I’m building an analog chain for a singer who has a great voice but for whome the usual suspects do not work. She has a...

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BernieW 19 hours ago
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Hey guys, let's say I want to mic up a nice drum kit and record it. What would give better results - RME 12Mic or some 12...

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Aural Endeavors 19 hours ago
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Is there an official term for this almost deliberately out of sync choir technique? In the same manner as "sul...

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Gideon K 20 hours ago
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I know this has been discussed many times but I need a pair of headphones to do mixing on late at night since I don't have too...

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jack81 21 hours ago
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I have 2 slots free on my 500 lunchbox, I have a Neve 517, 2x ClassicAPI V28 and modified Lindell PEX500. I am interested at...

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Dirk Churlish 22 hours ago
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hello everyone. I recently bought a Fruman HDR-6 with five HR-6. I connected the system with cat 5 cables as it is required and...

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andersmv 22 hours ago
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TL;DR, sorry 'bout that. I've had these monitors both in my crappy little room for a week or so. These are both expensive,...

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dickiefunk 22 hours ago
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was the credited engineer on "Look Sharp!" along with Aldo Bocca as asst. But that seems to be the only record credit...

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metropical 23 hours ago
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I'm not a technical person, so please forgive what may be a stupid question, but... I'm a professional voice artist and...

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pounamu 1 day ago
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excelcruz 1 day ago
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Hi! So my converters crapped out. I’d been waiting for it to happen. Long story short it was the filter caps in the power...

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Spindrift 1 day ago
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...or can I set note information for synths and pattern using the dials and pads, without a midi keyboard, etc? I am a new and I...

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Barbovalum 1 day ago
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Hey folks, Anyone with experience with both of these? I am looking for something that could ideally give some vibe to tracks...

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SRS 1 day ago
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For $999, seems a great deal for 3 distinctly different hot swappable capsules.

Mr Funk
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tmix 1 day ago
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I've been looking into adding some new gear in the future (if funds allow) but I am running out of space on my Apollo X8 + Twin X...

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init0 1 day ago
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I need advice from someone who is familiar with mixing engineer Michael Brauer's style. I tried "Brauerizing"® my DAW...

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JSchlomo 1 day ago
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Or Behringer or anyone..... How is it someone hasn't made a series of small Midi controllers that imitate the look of all the...

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Shawnobi 1 day ago
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I own a couple of the Tannoy System 800a's for my primary monitoring. I had originally planned to get the Tannoy subwoofers, but...

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Galileon 1 day ago
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I've been strongly considering a revamped and ready to go H3000 that has been maxed out, for a few weeks now. I would use it...

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Sweatervest 1 day ago
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Which one do you think is better? I think a tight and accurate bass response is very important for me. I am currently...

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MPrinsen 1 day ago
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Hi guys - i bought a pair of Focal Shape Twins a few months ago. I have just noticed that after about an hour of them being used...

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Vangelo 1 day ago
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As a crazed collector of vintage mics, I have to say that for functionality and use-ablilty, I am a lover of Electro-Voice. ...

The Padded Room
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BernieW 1 day ago