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I watched several tutoriols but still do not get the exact process. If I create another dum bus with all tracks, so now have...

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andychamp 6 minutes ago
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Help me with this hard suggestion. The successor is a diode bridge compressor but the creme have also an eq section for boosting...

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Pavilon 7 minutes ago
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Hello everyone! I'm a pianist, and I plan making recordings of my playing on acoustic piano (grand piano) for my YouTube channel,...

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Artemiy2021 7 minutes ago
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OK, let me preface this with saying I have issues with low self-esteem... I hate recording sometimes, because it seems like I...

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Bramley 9 minutes ago
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I'm usually a player but over the past year have got back into location recording for classical & jazz. So far I've been...

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Bushman 17 minutes ago
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Hello all, I've been upgrading my gear for a small home studio lately and have gotten to the point where I'm ready to spend...

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Zencatt 35 minutes ago
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After years spent on the digital side of the world, I came back to the analog. No, no, wait! I don't want to fall in the...

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loziodavid 1 hour ago
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I'm not someone who grew up making music nor do I come from a musical family, but I admit that I'm grateful that making music in...

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chrisso 1 hour ago
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Hello, I have a yamaha digital mixer and I would like to know how I can do multitrack training, there are sites where you can...

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Mesmerised 2 hours ago
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Hi all, I've seen quite a shift recently with most of my clients mentioning listening on various forms of wireless speakers...

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recall 3 hours ago
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Just ordered a Sony DPS-D7 delay unit just to try out. I know this is a fairly old piece of gear. Just wondering if any of you...

John N
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John N 4 hours ago
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Here's an interesting short documentary, called "The Psychology of Analogue" ...and if you pick up this month's Tape Op...

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monkeyxx 4 hours ago
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Hello. I mostly work with bass heavy electronic music and I find my Neumann KH80’s not really good for that. I don’t want...

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jazzblaster87 5 hours ago
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Just saw this: Midas 501 Ultra Performance 500 Series Microphone | Reverb Wondering what's up with the price and if anyone...

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earwolf 6 hours ago
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Folks, I'm kicking around an idea for a potential new product, and it would be helpful to understand what a typical number of...

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DeadPoet 7 hours ago
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Hello. In continuation to my previous thread where this was suggested, can anyone with this specific interface or perhaps a...

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TLgs 7 hours ago
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Hello guys, what is your point of view about using a real tape recorder for 2bus before going back to the converters? How do...

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donnylang 8 hours ago
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I have two JDK V14 eqs and was wondering how to you link them in the lunhcbox? Does it make a big difference if I didn't link...

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HOTC 10 hours ago
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EQP-KT | Equalizers | Signal Processors | Klarkteknik | Categories | MUSIC Group Price anyone?

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QueenSisi 10 hours ago
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I got a couple of their products and plan to buy more but I don't see much here about them so I thought it would be a good idea...

Skamm Goodiez
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stephenhero6 12 hours ago
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So after doing much research into the Beatles song Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, and chasing down the correct equipment...

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Baguette 13 hours ago
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Howdy folks! I'm an acoustic guitar flatpicker, and I've been setting up a recording rig for the last several years. Every piece...

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gearstudent 14 hours ago
Avatar for ob1

I found this pick in my collection. Any idea which brand it is? I think it’s made of coconut but not 100% sure. Brown on one...

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jwh1192 15 hours ago
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Post a photo of what's going on in your studio today..kfhkh We will share selected photos to Gearslutz Instagram :) Note:...

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chessparov2.0 16 hours ago
Avatar for bingbong

Have a chance to grab a Yamaha M1516 for a good price. No power supply. How available are they, and at what kind of price range?...

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bingbong 16 hours ago
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Hi friends, I have an old Lexicon 960L from a friend of mine that I am testing, but when I turn it on, the LARC display reads...

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pierreyves3 18 hours ago
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hi, I would like to buy a new microphone and know which kind of micro would you advise me for such using and criteria : -...

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bowzin 19 hours ago
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Is there an analog box out there that is inexpensive that can simply do mid side encoding (decoding would be a plus, but not...

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j.colt 19 hours ago
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Just saw this online and am pretty excited about the prospect of owning this mic! https://youtu.be/F8wHgv63KOo Anyone have...

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onshott1 19 hours ago
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Just bought a used dbx 286s and I'm trying to figure out if it's adding distortion or it's my steinberg ur22mkii audio interface....

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archie_mcwilliam 21 hours ago
Avatar for Wayne

Considering these -likely the dual 6 1/2" 1T for vocal and acoustic instrument reinforcement....

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jlawford 21 hours ago
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Hello everybody. Noticing a significant drop in the price of the mk2 version (-20%) on all major sites, I was wondering if there...

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divanorosso 22 hours ago
Avatar for TLgs

Hello. I have a Babyface Pro which I use to directly record my guitar, and the line input gets overdriven by the bridge pickup...

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TLgs 22 hours ago
Avatar for junior

a friend of mine is willing to give me a few things including his Sonic Maximizer 882. i'm unfamiliar with it... has anybody here...

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Lenny77 1 day ago
Avatar for fireweed.studio

Hi, Gearspace people tl;dr - 1176Rev has issues with vu meter dial drifting to -1...-5...-7 positon even if no signal is being...

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skybluerental 1 day ago
Avatar for babydaddymusic

I have a console 1- I have the following consoles: 1) SSL 9000K 2) SSL 4000E 3) American Classic (API) 4) British Classic...

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3bc 1 day ago
Avatar for JohnB.

I recently made a big jump and upgraded my monitors from Mackie MR5 MK2 to Focal Shape 50’s. I am trying to do the Focal's...

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gabrielaudio 1 day ago
Avatar for TheHER0

Hi, I was just wondering if there is a difference in sound between the SSL 4K Channel compressor and the SSL 9K Channel...

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Avatar for Firechild
Firechild 1 day ago
Avatar for Clbraddock

Anyone know if the mytek 8x192 is discontinued? Retailers still have it listed but it’s no longer listed on myteks website as a...

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romeojesus 1 day ago
Avatar for cognistudio

I just added UAFX Golden to my stereo pedalboard (mostly used for synths). I'm pretty sure I want Volante > Nightsky >...

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cognistudio 1 day ago
Avatar for Barncore

Heya, My current interface is an Audient iD14 mk1, and in my search for a new mic i discovered a nice deal for the Antelope...

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Avatar for erikthered
erikthered 1 day ago
Avatar for drezz

Hi Folks, I just bit the bullet and ordered my first bit of kit from Thomann post brexit. I used to order from them all the...

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Avatar for erikthered
erikthered 1 day ago
Avatar for Clbraddock

I just received a Supercarrier II that to me looks like there is flux left all over the PCB. To the touch it is stiff though so...

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Avatar for WesAudio
WesAudio 1 day ago
Avatar for rschlierbeck

I have a pair of Shure SRH1840 headphones and I like them. Sonarworks has a review of these and give them a pretty low score. In...

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rschlierbeck 1 day ago
Avatar for spluta

I have an RME UCX and have been toting it around the world in a Pelican iM2050 forever. It works great. I have been looking for...

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Avatar for spluta
spluta 1 day ago
Avatar for McIrish

I have taken four SDC that I have and set them up to record six different instruments. I strapped them together and got the...

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mandodon 1 day ago
Avatar for gabler100

Just purchased a Heritage baby Ram. When I select mono it is 2 - 3 DB softer in volume compared to the stereo mix. Why would this...

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Clbraddock 1 day ago
Avatar for Jeff Hayat

Here's a screen shot of a recording session from a yt...

Jeff Hayat
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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 1 day ago
Avatar for Bambra

I think the amp inside has gone on my yamaha hs7 monitors, both of them. I had them on for a long time and could smell like...

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Avatar for ambiguous signal
ambiguous signal 1 day ago
Avatar for awaken_the_skies

Hello Gearspace, I recently acquired some new DT880 Pro 250 headphones, after using DT770 Pro 80s for almost 3 years. I was...

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Avatar for ambiguous signal
ambiguous signal 1 day ago