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We're setting up a mobile stage, looking into generators. We have a non-powered (not the 600 watt powered kind) Kemper....

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daveasdf 1 minute ago
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Hi all, first time here and hope I have the right forum. I'm curious if anyone else has identified a similar problem/thing with...

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Bushman 1 minute ago
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Hi. I saw some thread about Audioscape buss compressor vs other clones or the original 4K compressor, but I was wondering how it...

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JAT 2 minutes ago
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Hi everyone, I have a Lexicon 300 (hardware) and it's been working fine for years. But suddenly, I ran into a problem today. ...

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noah330 35 minutes ago
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Hi, I'm looking for a repair center in Europe that can fix my ART MPA II. I brought it to Spain from the U.S. where it was...

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rschlierbeck 38 minutes ago
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Just saw it on Facebook today... guess they just announced it. Klark Teknik...

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eagle007 1 hour ago
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Nice article in the UK Guardian paper today about the forthcoming book and streaming TV series on the Beatles 'Let it Be'...

Mike Lambert
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Mike Lambert 1 hour ago
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I'm trying to mic a songwriter who writes songs with a small harp(harpsicle). I've read the other forums, but the playing and the...

Captain Cool
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deedeeyeah 1 hour ago
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It seems like certain things on GS are so highly prized, yet there are often a couple of other pieces that are equally capable or...

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hello people 1 hour ago
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hello people 1 hour ago
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Looking for a small Mom and Pop guitar dealer in the US who sells the larger new brands (Gibson, Fender, Ernie Ball)? Service...

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sws1 2 hours ago
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Thought it might be useful to have a thread discussing mics by brand...opinions those who have used of course of top interest....

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Denta 3 hours ago
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I‘m basically looking for a C37 without the price tag (who isn‘t?). Intended use would be snare drum, the goal being to bring...

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andychamp 3 hours ago
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Dolby Atmos, Spatial Audio etc for Music - Will It Take off? I am encouraged by the idea of Dolby Atmos for music with...

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Chevron 4 hours ago
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I want to have fun while producing as much as i want yo be able to hear my techno tracks with the right kick and low end...

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johannburkard 5 hours ago
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Hi all, I recently bought a console 56 channel console, and the guy through in a free Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 interface. I'm...

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BT64 5 hours ago
Avatar for ArtefactsM

Hello, I recently bought a second hand Apollo x8 from a little studio on Reverb. By curiosity, I did a basic A/B testing to...

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Shenes 5 hours ago
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Hi all, I use an Antelope Orion Studio as my main converter (12 ins/16 outs) and I'm looking to get another at least 8...

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SDB_12 5 hours ago
Avatar for okto

Just chanced into a couple of XTs in a rack of more desirable stuff and I figured I’d run them through their paces. I grew...

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Brent Hahn 5 hours ago
Avatar for naive newbie123

Hi guys, I just got a Audioscape La2, and was super excited to hear it. When I turned it on I was surprised at the high...

naive newbie123
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rafferty 6 hours ago
Avatar for Ron Flack

Greetings, I'm currently considering a Neotek Elite console to replace our current Midas Verona ... I have a few specific...

Ron Flack
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Drumsound 7 hours ago
Avatar for adrianher

Hi there I wanna ask about which professional high quality audio interface according to my stuff could u suggest me. Atm I’m...

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Me_Likey 9 hours ago
Avatar for skiroy

Is there anyone that has this microphone and can answer a few questions? Nobody seems to do a good job of even addressing the...

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andersmv 10 hours ago
Avatar for guitar1phantom

Does anyone know who upgrades or mods Soundcraft Deltas on the East Coast, New York or Boston areas?

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AnalogRich 11 hours ago
Avatar for 79adam79

Are those $100 portable vocal booths worth buying? Right now I'm singing into my closet, facing a rack of clothes. It...

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johnmarkpainter 11 hours ago
Avatar for Glamrock80

Got a nice surprise in the mail box today. Really nice publication by Vintage King called PLAYBACK. Some great articles and...

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Glamrock80 13 hours ago
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What hardware would you buy with my budget? By some miracle I've managed to save about 30k (Canadian, so everything costs ~2k...

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Progger 13 hours ago
Avatar for johnsmith1261

Hi! I haven't really found too much info on the net about this mixer. Some posts suggest that it's really great sounding, but...

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Sonic Lush 14 hours ago
Avatar for donato

I've already got an AudioScape Buss Compressor. Wanting to add a little more outboard for my hobby to bring up the production...

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donato 14 hours ago
Avatar for brianaustinny

I'm going to get either a new pair of Yamaha HS50s or a used pair of NS10s. I've seen both floating around the $400 dollar mark....

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KaYo2021 15 hours ago
Avatar for MYN

Heaven knows I don't need yet another VO mic, but lately I've been kind of intrigued by the Neumann BCM-104. Possibly because it...

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MYN 15 hours ago
Avatar for RawBeanZen

OK, giving away some things I didn't need yesterday was fun, and I even made a couple new friends in the process. There's a...

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foxwaves 16 hours ago
Avatar for Silver Sonya

This thread is just for fun. Not meant to be taken too seriously. List a song or that you love with all of your heart that...

Silver Sonya
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akira 16 hours ago
Avatar for studiotee

Hi everyone, I've made my living from production and songwriting for a couple of decades. I have two pairs of Genelecs (1030...

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johannburkard 16 hours ago
Avatar for Lando Calrissian

Which would better recreate the stereo SSL mix bus in 500 series? Kahayan SOLID 4000 > SSL G Compressor OR 2x SSL VHD...

Lando Calrissian
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johannburkard 17 hours ago
Avatar for Polarelch

I think one of my Neumann KH120A speakers is broken. After I turn it on, there's a noise which I can't really discribe in...

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kirkwoodwest 17 hours ago
Avatar for k brown

I'll start, with gold-plated optical cables . . . Words fail.

k brown
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TJe 19 hours ago
Avatar for magnustarantism

Hi, I have started using the HX Stomp through a clean amp and straight in for recording.I can't find or create any amp modelling...

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TobyB 19 hours ago
Avatar for greektimes

Hi All, I have a Behringer B-2 Pro Multi pattern Dual Large-diaphragm condenser microphone with a loose wire inside. See...

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greektimes 20 hours ago
Avatar for okto

Why does ADAT only fit 40 minutes of recording time onto a cassette when DTRS manages to fit 108 minutes on the same length of...

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Drumsound 21 hours ago
Avatar for Nightowl43

Looking into an Echofix EF-X2 (Modern Space Echo) or a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo (Modern Echoplex). Thoughts on one vs the other?...

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andersmv 21 hours ago
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Gorquin 23 hours ago
Avatar for Lukasp.

I've always finded the drums in this song very interesting the reverb it's on a nice spot and everything have a great...

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mu:zines 1 day ago
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bmdaugherty 1 day ago
Avatar for sebthesaviour

Hello guys! Just wanted to know if anybody had any experiences with a vintage Monarch MMX-1642 console? The only thing I've...

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nohay 1 day ago
Avatar for Jmfreeland

I have a nice EQ in my two-bus chain on the console, and at some point I may have some Stam hardware on the master and subgroups...

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Avatar for Jmfreeland
Jmfreeland 1 day ago
Avatar for Dread

I record my son he is 10yo, melodic hiphop and R&B. Looking to try a different mic option from our usual Sm7B going into...

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chessparov2.0 1 day ago
Avatar for firby

Hi, I have a Valley People Dynamite in my rack. Sometimes I love it. No manual and that thing is unlike anyother compressor...

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Avatar for chaosium
chaosium 1 day ago
Avatar for Skamm Goodiez

I got a couple of their products and plan to buy more but I don't see much here about them so I thought it would be a good idea...

Skamm Goodiez
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Avatar for 7up partridge
7up partridge 1 day ago
Avatar for chessparov2.0

Just thought it would be cool to "Centralize" conversation, Oktava audio clips "in action", etc. All...

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Avatar for chessparov2.0
chessparov2.0 1 day ago