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If you had $20,000 and a clean slate?
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🎧 15 years
What about mics?
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Alexi's Avatar
🎧 15 years
2 x ATM 25
1 x sm 57
1 x Audix d6
2 x gefell 930
1 x sennheiser 441
2 x oktava mk012
2 x crown pzm
1 x sm 7
Old 22nd July 2005
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🎧 15 years
Deleted by klauholm
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🎧 15 years
Okay... I'm only new to this.. so I wouldn't mind some comments on what I've picked out I'm sure I've got some prices wrong.. I live in australia so I had to go look up what things were worth in american money.

Midas Venice 240 4k
Lynx Aurora 16 3k
Lynx AES16 700
Cubase sx 3 600
3x Senheiser MD421's 600
re20 400
ATM25 175
2x Oktava 012's 200
SM7 400
Beyer m201 200
Soundelux U195 1200
Waves Renaissance bundle 500
UAD-1 studio pack 900
Distressor 1300
leads and stands 1500
behringer 4 channel headphone amp 150
4 more me's plus extension cables 150
Tannoy reveal actives 900
Great River MP-2NV merc edition 2k
Drawmer 241 dual channel comp 950

All in all I rekon (in my extremely humble opinion) that given this setup in a great room with great musos you could make a pretty nice sounding mix.. probably abit weak in the pre amp and compressor department though I guess the pre's on the Venice arent to bad
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🎧 15 years
Assuming you have a comp.

Logic 7 w/ student discount $500
Lynx Aurora 8 $2000
Lynx AES16 $700
Dyna audio BM6a's $1700
reat River EQ1-NV/ME1-NV x2 $5200
Distressor(pair with brit mod) $2500
Waves Diamond Bundle w/ student discount $1500
Soundelux u195 $1200
Royer 122 $1500
Shure sm 57 x2 $100
Kurzweil ksp8 w/ remote & input/output $2800

Total $19,700

Then when money permits add some more mic pres and mics....
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Jai guru deva om
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🎧 15 years
I'd refer to Fletcher's "subway" theory...haha

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🎧 15 years
Originally Posted by klaukholm
Sounds like me.
Choices made so far:
Paid for already:
DPA 4003 (3 matched) $4700
(got an old B&K pre thrown in for free) 2400 Euros (used)


next round of purchases will be a small collection of schoeps cardids, wide cardoids and omnis.

This is for classical recording only

Kjetil Laukholm
(can still change my mind on all but the DPA's so peer review is appreciated)
Have you heard the Sonodore 402s?

I prefer them to the DPAs. (And Schoeps)

Best regards,

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🎧 15 years
No I have not. Please tell me more.

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🎧 15 years

Check here......


I like some of the DPA mics. But I find the Sonodores better and more pleasing, not to mention NO distorion or compression.

In terms of bang for buck, they are good value, but we are not talking small beer.

Old 27th July 2005
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🎧 15 years
i'd get a bloody great huge sound system!
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Gear Maniac
🎧 15 years
here's what I'd do assuming I already had a mac/pc:

Barefoot Minimain12's - $10,250
RealTraps Standard room kit - $1900
Cubase SX 3 - $599
Lynx AES16 - $600
Lynx Aurora 8 - $2000
Great River Mp1-NV - $1000
Sytek MPX-4a - $800
Lawson 47fet - $995
Josephson C42 x2 - $950
Royer R-121 - $1000
SM-57 x2 - $180

grand total = $20,274

Its limited but a great starting point. For $25k starting out, you could really have a nice studio these days. Very cool IMO...this was a fun and challenging exercise!

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Gear Guru
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🎧 15 years
soundelux e47 3500
fearn vt1 2300
api 2600 2700
merc 1968 2200
mytek 2ad 16da 3000
nicerizer 16 3000
jbl 28p 2000
tascam usb2400 1600

20,300 still need daw software, uad, cables, computer, daking eq, la2a, ns-10's, badass nylon string...

20,000, nope, can't be done, not for me. i'm done with compromising.

the cool thing is, i am well on my way to having all of the above.

del ubik
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🎧 15 years
You also still need a hell of a lot more mics. Why two pres and only one mic?
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🎧 15 years
Well I'm halfway there and feel like I haven't scratched the surface so here goes...

1.) Apogee Rosetta 200 AD/DA plus wideye cables--$1670
2.) Great River ME-1NV--$1050
3.) FMR RNC1773--$185
4.) Shure SM57--$80
5.) Studio Projects C1 Condenser--$180

To this I would add...
1.) Royer 121--$1000
2.) Chandler LTD-1--$2300
3.) Universal Audio 6176-$2000
4.) Auralex Treatment--$600
5.) Great River EQ-1NV--$1500
6.) Chandler TG-2--$2130
7.) AEA R84--$1000
8.) 2 API 512C's and Lunchbox--$1700
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Lives for gear
5down1up's Avatar
🎧 15 years
mac G5 + logic pro
apogee ad16 ( or something like that )
benchmark dac 1
genelec 103x
7th circle preamps

urs eqs + some cool dynamics
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🎧 15 years
Originally Posted by cominginsecond
You also still need a hell of a lot more mics. Why two pres and only one mic?

my personal setup is just for me. occasionally i record others in my space, and borrow and rent for those occasions.

del ubik
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🎧 15 years
Mix cubed rig with G4 1.25 dual...about $4500.00
2 Apogee AD 8000's...about $3600.00
8 various Seventh Circle Audio pre's...$3750.00
2 Sytek 4 channel pres...$1600.00
KRK V6's...$500.00
2 RNC's...$560.00
2 DBX 160X...$500.00
Misc. Plugins...$1000.00
6 SM57...$450.00
D6 or D112...$200.00
2 AT Pro37r...$180.00
AT ATM25...$300.00
2 KSM 27...$560.00
BLUE Bluebird...$400.00
3 DI boxes...$110.00
2 Behringer HA4700 headphone amps...$220.00
6 pairs of AKG headphones...$400.00
Cables and stands...$1000.00

Total: $20,000.00

I record mostly rock and punk bands, and some of it I track live so I need up to 16 good inputs. This is similar to the setup I'm using now, except, well....much nicer. I could have the list above for about what I've paid for the stuff I have.
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Gear Nut
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🎧 15 years

I am a new member, looking at the thread that wouldn't die, just have to post here...

Having owned a small commercial studio for about 7-8 years (now closed, we did local radio shows as well as local album production), and having tried all the cheap junk along the way, I am recently finding it hard to get just from the 1st mic to the 1st recorder channel for under $10k in my home studio:

Lawson L47MP MKII - $2000.00
TL Audio Tube Tracker- $3000.00 (used)
Tube Tech Comp/Limiter (the big one, whatever) - $3000.00
Mytek Wrk 24 X 2 - $2000.00 (old school 48khz)

(ouch, there's the first ten...)

PT Mix 24 / Cubed in old Mac 9600 hopped up to 700mhz G4 w/ extra plugs (bought most new) - $15000.00

(ouch, ouch, over the limit by $5K before mixer/router, patching, accessories, cable, outboard)

Extra SCSI drives for the Mac - $1000.00
Distressor - $1400
Transient Designer 2 - $500.00
PT Slave Driver, ADAT Bridge, extra interfaces for digital connections - $1500.00 Clock distributor - $500.00
Lexicon PCM 80 - $1000.00 (bought it new)
Finalizer 96K - $900.00 (??)
Rebuilt Fostex G24S 24 track analog deck - $3000.00
Used Panasonic DA7 for patching everything possible into digtal once it's there - $1500.00 (minimize conversions wherever possible, have good converters to use analog outboard at mixdown).

That puts me at $34,800 without counting the other mics, guitars and guitar pedals and equipment (try that some time - easy $10K just on 2-3 decent guitars and a quality guitar amp), sampler, synthesizers, drum machines, MIDI laptop, room EQ, crossover, monitors and subwoofer, acoustic treatment, Midi Interfaces / Cables / Patch bays, tape, backup system, furniture, blah, blah, blah....

And to think I have been viewing this as a stripped down system with just what is needed to make a decent recording, not even really that high end on the mic pre's...

(ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch....)

- h.
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Lives for gear
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🎧 15 years
Mac G5: $3000
HD2|Accel: $10,000
96i: $1,950
Control|24: $5,000

With the remaining $50, I'd buy candles, beef jerky, and rolling papers...oh, and some gold records to put on the walls...
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Here for the gear
🎧 15 years
It seems like a lot of people would dump over half of the 20K budget into a ProTools HD system. I'd much rather invest into a good analog console that won't be out of date as soon as Digidesign decides to release a new ProTools system. I do think it would be a good idea, however, to have one of the cheaper ProTools systems simply for compatibility and marketing purposes. After all, for better or worse, it has become a modern standard in music recording. With that in mind I gave this whole 20K start-from-scratch thing a shot with the intent of creating a full system that could be used for recording whole bands and stuff, not just a few pieces of top-quality gear for home recording.

MCI JH-636 console 3.5K
MCI JH-16 2" 16-Track 2.5K
Mac G4/Digi 001 1.5K
Dynaudio BM6's w/ Amp 1K
Kurzweil KSP-8 2.5K
T.C. Electronic M-One XL 400
Sytek MPX-4aii 800
Groove Tubes Brick 350
FMR Audio RNC (2) 350
ART Pro VLA 300
Symetrix 501 200
JBL/Urei 7110 (2) 500
dbx 242 EQ's (2) 200
Soundelux U195 1.1K
AEA R84 1K
Groove Tubes GT-44 (2) 400
Josephson C42 (2) 900
Studio Projects B1 (3) 300
Peavey 520i 200
Sennheiser 421 300
Sennheiser e609s (3) 300
Shure SM-57 80
Behringer Headphone Amp 120
MoreMe Headphones (5) 100

So if I added everything up right, that's 20K, although I didn't actually include stands, cabling, etc. I definately had to cut corners in some places where I could get away with it, such as mic pre's and eq's which can be covered by the console until it is possible to upgrade to some nice outboard units. Other areas that would get the first upgrades would be more effects and dynamic microphones, followed by maybe a distressor or 1176.
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🎧 15 years
Out of date? When did the MCI come out, like 1978? Get with the times, man!
Old 19th August 2005 | Show parent
Here for the gear
🎧 15 years
Exactly my point - the MCI did come out a long time ago and it's still a very good-sounding and usable console and still will be in 10 years. How much business will an outdated ProTools system get you in 10 years when every other studio has upgraded to Digidesign's latest and greatest creation? Just for the record though, I don't want to turn this into the great analog/digital debate. In fact, I think ProTools is a great tool to have. I'm only saying that in the hypothetical $20K studio, it doesn't make sense to me to blow over half the budget on a high-end ProTools system. Sure ProTools HD makes sense for a big-budget major studio that can afford to upgrade every time Digidesign releases a new wave of ProTools. But for the low-budget operations, I'd much rather invest in something that will last. Anyway, all this is only my opinion and I don't want to change the subject of the thread, so everybody back to your 20K masterpieces.
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🎧 15 years
I hear ya, bro. It's scary to think what the future holds for recording systems in general. I mean, as of now, I can't imagine EVER needing anything more than HD3 and a 192. Then again, when the Sega 32X video game system came out I remember saying "Whoa, this is it...Graphics can't get any better than this..." I guess the only reason for needing anything more would be more realistic sounding, DSP intensive plug-ins. We'll see. Sorry for getting off topic here.
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