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does anybody in here have less than $10K worth of equip?
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Gear Maniac
🎧 15 years
If you don't count instruments or room treatment or the studio building itself, I'm sittin' right at 10 K. Otherwise, more like 18-19K.
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Gear Nut
AcousTronic's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Originally Posted by cominginsecond
If you don't count instruments or room treatment or the studio building itself, I'm sittin' right at 10 K. Otherwise, more like 18-19K.
Yup, same here... I have over 10k worth of just guitars!! Last week I bought a custom mic pre and Pearlman TM-1 mic for a total of $3,500... It just keeps going and going!!
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Lives for gear
barforama's Avatar
21 Reviews written
🎧 15 years
Soundtracs Solo Logic 24x8x24 w. mute/vca-automation

Fostex D-1624 - 16 track HD recorder
Fostex D-160 - 16 track HD recorder
Fostex D-108 (2) - 8 track HD recorders
Marantz CDR630 - CD recorders (2)
Technics SL-PG390 - CD player

Monitor / foldback:
Genelec 1030A
JBL 4412
Aurum Cantus Leisure 2SE
Lucid AD9624
Lucid DA9624
White Instruments 142 - spectrum analyzer
IMQ stageline PPA-1 - headphoneamp
Sennheiser HD 265 linear
Sennheiser HD 445
Sennheiser HD 455 (2)
Sennheiser HD 570
Beyerdynamic DT250 (2)

Neumann U87i
Neumann KM184 (2)
Soundelux U195
Royer R-121 (3)
Groove Tubes GT44 (2)
Groove Tubes GT33 (2)
Audio Technica AT4051a (4)
Audio Technica AT4033a
Neutrik 3382 - ΒΌβ€œ
Sennheiser MKH106 omni
Sennheiser MKH406
AKG D112
Audio Technica ATM25
Beyerdynamic M201-N
Sennheiser MD409
Sennheiser MD421N (4)
Sennheiser MD421-U5 (3)
Shure SM545s
Shure SM57 (4)
Shure SM58 (7)
Shure SM7
Shure SM77

Outboard preamps/eq:
Great River MP-2NV (2)
Great River MP-4H
Manley SLAM!
Trident MTA A-range dual discrete channel (2)
Neumann PV76N
Manley Massive Passive gold edition
Great River EQ-2NV
NP FI10 (4) - eq

Manley SLAM!
Manley ELOP
Purple Audio MC76 (2)
Empirical Labs Distressor (2)
Empirical Labs FATSOjr
dbx 162
dbx 165
dbx 165A
dbx 902 (2)
FMR Audio RNC 1773 (4)
FMR Audio RNLA (2)
Homemade SSL4000 clones (4)
Danfield 726L
Danfield 716A (3)
Ashly SC-50 (2)
t.c.electronic Finalizer Express
Aphex 105
Alesis microgate (3)

Sony DPS-R7
Sony DPS-D7
Sony DPS-F7
Roland R880 w. CG-8
Lexicon PCM70
Lexicon MRC
t.c.electronic D-two
Yamaha SPX990
Ursa Major Stargate 626
Watkins Copycat

t.c.electronic Intonator
Korg DTR-2
Korg DTR-1
Fostex DP-8
Avalon U5
Smart Research guitar deluxe DI
Alesis D-4
Roland SC-880
Roland M-VS1 Vintage Synth
Yamaha SU-10
Evolution 2 octave keyboard
TECH21 MIDI-mouse
Electronic Tanpuras

That alone adds up....and then there's the guitars, the drums'n stuff:

Fender '55 Stratocaster blonde
Fender '56 Esquire blonde
Fender '66 Stratocaster sonic blue
Fender '66 Stratocaster olympic white
Fender '71 Telecaster natural
Fender '76 Precision bass olympic white
Fender '92 8-stringed custom olympic white
Fender '95 fat-RAT-strat GK2-ready olympic white
Lag Hardline
K.Yairi FY-84 western
Yamaha CG-150CCE
Jerry Jones Master Sitar

Yamaha Stage Custom 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 22"
Premier Genista 12", 14", 16", 22"
Premier Genista 10"x6" og 14"x4" wood snares
Mapex 14"x6Β½" metal-snare
Yamaha Stage Custom 14"x6" wood snare
Pearl M1208 12"x8" wood snare
Pearl 14"x4" metal-snare
Istanbul Agop Regular 14” hi-hats (2)
UFIP Experience Series 14” hi-hat
Tosco 22" ride
Tosco 20" ride
Stambul 20” crash-ride
UFIP Brilliant series 18” crash
Paiste signature series 16" power crash
Istanbul Agop 16" medium crash
UFIP Experience series brilliant 16" crash
Istanbul Agop Mehmet 14" crash
Paiste 2002 20" china
Sabian 16" china
UFIP Experience series 10" china-splash
Paiste 502 12" splash
Istanbul Agop 10" splash
Zildjian A-custom 8" splash
Sabian AAX 8" splash

Instrumentamps and FX:
Marshall JCM 800 2205 50W rΓΈr-top
Fender Princeton Tweed β€˜58
Rivera R100-212 rΓΈr-combo
Fender Twin Reverb rΓΈr-combo
Genz Benz GBE-1 bas-combo
Mesa Boogie 12" extension cabs (2)
TECH 21 PSA-1 preamp
ProCo RAT 2
TECH21 SansAmp Classic preamp
TECH21 Tri-O.D. preamp
Jim Dunlop GCB-95 wah
t.c.electronic Booster+ (2)
Carl Martin Chorus XII
Carl Martin Delayla
Boss PS-3
Boss OC-2
Boss AB-2

No wonder my wife left me....
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Gear Nut
AcousTronic's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Originally Posted by barforama

No wonder my wife left me....

LOL... with a list like that, you should not be surprised my friend... Your a freak. ...and I love you
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Here for the gear
Alexander's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Lot's of second hand stuff and toys kept mine a low budget one:

(estimate in euro)

G4 2000
Emagic emi6|2m 250
Spirit folio racpac 300
cables 150
bassguitar 500
bass amp 750
Yamaha RM1x 275
Digital Performer 400
Roland MDC1 75
Akai s2000 40
Symetrix 525 35
Neutrik patchbay 35
Alesis Metavox 30
Yamaha CS1x 200
Midiman 2X2 45
KRK rp8 600
Casio SK1 25
various toys 50
portable MD 50
Sony ECM 907 75
Shure SM58 100
cheapo mics 50
other 100

hmm, quickly added together around 6385 euro's!

Yipee, I'm low budget! Funny thread, use a grain of salt!
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Lives for gear
heyman's Avatar
1 Review written
🎧 15 years
Oh well, I shot my load along time ago. 10 grand... not even close and this doesnt even include my mics...
Attached Thumbnails
does anybody in here have less than K worth of equip?-rack5.jpg  
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Lives for gear
opentune's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Man, sweet picture! Got any pics of your "desk"?
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Lives for gear
feyshay's Avatar
🎧 15 years

This is unbelievable. I had no idea how slutty some of you were.
I started things off in December 2004. This is what I have compiled since:

Martin Guitar--$1600
Crate Acoustic amp--$250
Les Paul Standard--$1800
Fender Super Reverb Amp--$1000
POD XT Live + extra amp mods--$400
Pedals--Fulltone FD2, Carl Martin Compressor, EH Memory Man, Boss EC-2, MXR EQ-10, volume, etc.--$1000
New Dell computer with the works--$2700
Shure Beta 58a--$150
Audiotechnica 4050--$700
Apogee Mini-Me USB--$1300 + Battery Pack=$180
Apogee Mini-DAC--$1000
Mackie DFX6 mixer--$200
Lexicon MPX550 digital effects processor--$350
Event ASP8's--$1100, stands--$200
Yamaha 60 Digital Piano--$600
M-Audio O2--$175
M-Audio Trigger Finger--$200
Behringer FCB 1010--$150
Maudio Midisport 2x2--$70
Radial XAmp--$180
The Brick--$400
Edirol UA25 USB audio device--$240
MAudio BX5 and SBX (subwoofer) for alternate mixing area--$800
Foam, stands--$200
BBE 100x DI--$140
Sennheiser HD280--$100
Mogami and Monster Cables--Around $1000
Ableton Live 5, Reason 3, Sound Forge 8, many VST's--$3500

Grand Total=$19,500
in one year!
What I need yet: CD recorder, Compressor (Avalon 747 or something similar), an interface with more connects, another preamp (Great River?), a Gretsch, a nylon guitar, a Marshall amp, a Firewire interface with more connections, a Shure SM57, another set of headphones, a second job, some acoustic changes in my studio room
I figure that another $20,000 should complete things and then I'll never have to buy anything again. I'll project that over 2-3 years. I can't continue at this rate or my wife will kill me.
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Gear Maniac
🎧 15 years
well lets see.. my little (but fairly quickly growing) setup

Athlon 2600
Lynx two C
tannoy reveals
Allen and heath system 8
behringer mic 100
Nuendo 2
Beyer M88
Beyer soundstar MKII
2x Oktava 012's
2x MXL v67's
behringer B5 (occasionaly good on accoustic guitar and hats)
DBX 117
DBX 163a

My dad runs a local live venue.. so I have pretty free access to a few more mics there.. lots of 57's and 58s... an atm25 (such a great kick mic.. I'll be grabbing one any day).. couple of beyer m201's

my next step will probably be to get an atm 25, some decent headphones and some decent pre's.. but it realy all depends on what order I find good deals on stuff as to what I buy next.. plus I need to get a few more mic stands and leads and such at the moment.
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Gear Nut
Andrew Bacon's Avatar
1 Review written
🎧 15 years
Are we going by what price was paid, or retail?
My rig is 2 ch playback only (w/ a Tascam CD-R lol) But I want to play too. heh
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Gear Maniac
tubesandteles's Avatar
🎧 15 years
My Setup

Motu 896HD (1000)
Furman Power Conditioner (125)
Behringer Headphone amp 4 channel (110)
TC Electronics M300 (200)
2 Joemeek British Channel VC6qcs (300)
Vintech x73i (1550)
Custom Audio Cube (1200)
LCD monitor (250)
Reason 3.0 (399)
Midisport 2x2 (70)
Mackie HR624 pair (900)
M-Audio SBX subwoofer (400)
MicroKorg used as a controller also (399)
SKB cases for rack gear (175)
Auralex Roominator Kit (300)
Pearlman TM-1 (1500)
Shure KSM32 (500)
Oktava MK012 pair (100)
Shure SM57 (90)
Shure SM58 (100)
Shure beta 87a (250)
Sennheiser e602 (180)
MXL 990 (50)
M-Audio Trigger Finger (200)
Frontier Designs Tranzport (200)
Misc. Cables (500)

Approx $11,350 for what is necessary on the recording end...

Instruments/amps/etc. Include
Ibanez SR500 (550)
Gibson Cascade Acoustic (1700)
Gibson Les Paul Standard (2000)
Fender Tele (700)
Fender Strat (500)
Danelectro Electric w/lipsticks (250)
Marshall JCM 2000 DSL (1300)
Marshall 212 1936 cab (550)
Fender 112 cab (150)
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 (400)
Traynor YSR-1 w/gain mod (350)
Behringer Vintager 112 (150)
Mapex Drumkit w/cymbals (850)
iOn electric drumkit (300)
Mic/music stands (300)
Fulltone Fulldrive (225)
Hot Tubes (150)
Danelectro Coolcat (55)
Danelectro Reverse Delay (129)
Danelectro Psycho Flange (40)
Boss DD6 (150)
Big Muff (50)
Morley ABY (60)
Boss TU2 (100)
Boss NS noise suppressor (80)
MISC $8,989
Total in my studio = $20,350

UA 1176 or 6176 (HELL MAKE IT 2 of em this is gearslutz!)
another MXL 990
Neumann KM184 pair
Shure SM7b
Distressor EL-8
4 assorted OSA micpres in a Brent Averill Rack
Presonus Central Station w/remote (eventhough kinda feels ****ty and I think it is overpriced...lol)
Royer R121
ADL C1000
Fender P-Bass
G&L ASAT Classic
Gibson SG Standard
Neumann U87
Smart C2 compressor
I think I can quit then, but of course a nice pair of monitors could make me sleep better!
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Lives for gear
🎧 15 years
VX2 mic's -- you own em?

Originally Posted by warhead
You kiddin' me? I spent $1,100 this week on one used tube mic and 2 proper boom stands...! Last week it was $900 on a keyboard but that was technically for the kids...

HEY WARHEAD - Interesting avatar pic. You actually own these VX2 mic's? I have one and love it. Any opinions you'd like to share or comparisons to others in the high$ tube category?
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Here for the gear
🎧 15 years
Damn... slutty stuff!

I think I'm in the under 10k crowd.

Athlon 64 PC $1000
Audiophile 192 card $180
UAD-1 Almost fully stocked $900
Rosetta 200 $1600
Vintech 1272 $1300
Alesis RS300 used $150
KRK ST6 (2) $100 a piece = $200
KRK RP10S $200
Presonus Central Station $500
Boogie Studio Pre $250 used
Fender TBP Bass Pre $200
PODxt $300
2 TLM-103s $1000
1 AKG 414 $400
4 SM57s $80ea $320

But that's not counting any sequencing gear. Keyboards put me above $10k.

Triton Extreme $1300 used
XV5080 $1000
Motif ES Rack $750 used

Well, one day I'll break even.

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Lives for gear
🎧 15 years
prices I paid-
imac G5 2.0ghz 1gb RAM~ $1,500
ibook G4 1.33ghz 1.5gb RAM~ $900
Lacie 250gb external HDD~ $220
krk rp5~ $220 (just got these, may be trying something else for near the same price)
Firepod~ $450
Cubase LE~ free
Logic Pro 7.1~ "borrowed" (don't worry, it's a legitimate copy)
various cables and mics~ borrow from the university when needed

Hey, I'm WAY under $10,000. heh
I kind of cheated, though...
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Lives for gear
uptheoctave's Avatar
🎧 15 years
I have spent more that 10k just on software and plugins.
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Gear Maniac
🎧 15 years
I think I'm just over $5k.

It works for me. The band I started today is loving it. I guess I'm doing something right. I think the drums sound like butt.. but I'll see what I can pull out of my ass to fix them.
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Here for the gear
pieninja's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Here goes...
Mac G5 quad with stock 512 RAM Β£1950 ish
Logic pro 7 Β£285
Rme Fireface Β£850
Mindprint EnVoice mkII Β£400
Presonus Digimax Β£350 w/adat ebay
8 various cheap dynamics Β£300ish
AT3060 Β£260
Matched pair of se1As Β£150

thats about Β£4500

Thats not bad at all for a student (which explains the price of the mac and logic) but i think in extras i must have spent arround Β£500 on flight cases, cables and general hardware. Which i think makes it arround 9k$.

Can anyone recomend a good insurance company in england lol....................... no, err, actually im not kidding.
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Gear Head
Lou's Avatar
🎧 15 years
I get good results with:

Dual core 2.0 G5 -
Neumann bcm 705
motu 828
Software (Spectrasonics Suite, Battery, DP 4.6, BFD)
GT Brick
Event Ps8's
Mackie onyx 1220
Tc Triple C
Pro announcer ph500...think thats the model #
2 Turntables with shure 44g's
Rane TTm56
Virus Indigo
Radium midi controller
Reason 2.0

no guitars or anything of that nature..

Thats under 10
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Lives for gear
KevWest's Avatar
🎧 15 years
i have a cheap little setup (this is all the prices when I purchased some prices may have changed)

Reason 3 $130 (upgrade version)
Sonar Home Studio $100
Behringer BCF 2000 $200
M Audio Radium 49 $130
AKai MPD 16 $250
Stanton Turntable $100
Phono Amp $50
Alesis Monitors $200
firewire audiophile
Soundforge (free version given to me by Sonic Foundrys before they were bought out)

grand total $1,360 but this is just the stuff that I use. I havent factored in my compressor, mic, preamp, various soundcards and programs that I have bought over the past couple of years or computer upgrades. I think I did pretty well lol
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Lives for gear
KevWind's Avatar
🎧 15 years
I am lucky I record just me

Since i record only me I also, have tryed to go for less gear but good pieces

Just starting to lean over that 10 k I think street prices

powerbook G4 17' 3000
digi002 2000
ISA 220 1400
apogee Rosetta 200 1400
brauner phantom v 1800
KRK V8s 1000
shure 57 70
shure beta 87 149
AKG C900 149
monster 3500 299 - before i knew of leagal BS
mic stands + cables maybe 200
11,467 the leaning tower of Gear Aquisition Syndrome

Oh well, its still about 4k less than 2 new snowmobiles
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Gear Nut
unsilpauly's Avatar
🎧 15 years
im at right around $20,000.00 just spent another 6,000.00 last month, still getting yelled at bu the old ladyheh . what else is new? lol. anyway, even if you were to spend a million bucks there would be more **** to buy. im a lifer
mac g5(1)
mac g4(2)

motu 828mk11
digidesign mbox

-motu dp4.6
-protools le 7
-steinburg wavelab 4
-steinburg nuendo 1.5
-waves plugins
native power pack
ssl bundle
musicians 2
-pultec bundle
-ssl plugins
-metric halo channel strip

*microphone preamps-
-fmr rnp
-rme quadmic
-presonus digimax
-behringer ultragain(3)
-studio project vtb1

-behringer autocom(1)
-behringer multicom(1)
-alesis d4 drum module

*control surface-
-tascam us2400
-behringer bcfr control surface

-event tr8 monitors
-samson c-control

-vic firth
-rolls headphone amp

-rode nt1a
-studio projects b1
-audio technica 2020
-audio technica 2021
-samson co1(2)
-shure sm57(2)
-shure pg57(1)
-shure sm58(2)
-audix d6
-audix i5(3)
-audix fusion 15(2)
-sennheiser e604(3)
-sennheiser e609
-sennheiser e609 silver
-peavey pvm 321
-peavey pvm 325
-peavey pvm 328(3)

-pacific(dw) birch 5 piece drumset
-grover custom maple 6 piece drumset
-peavey firebass 700
-behringer v-amp guitar amp modeler
-marshall mg100
-yamaha p.a. w/ peavey cabs
-line 6 toneport ux1

-monster power pro 3500 power conditioner
-acoustic treatment from aurelex and markertek
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Here for the gear
truestory's Avatar
🎧 15 years
12" powerbook g4
a second monitor from a garage sale
logic pro 7
edirol pcr-m50 controller
edirol ma-15d monitors
presonus firebox
propellerheads recycle
cycling 74 mode
cycling 74 pluggo
blue bluebird microphone
sony mdrv700dj

.....it all sits on my dining room table..my girlfriend hates house music and hates me now too.
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Lives for gear
Knastratt's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Double post!
Old 12th March 2006 | Show parent
Lives for gear
Knastratt's Avatar
🎧 15 years
What a slutty bunch! May I move in?

I'll bring:

Power Mac G5 dual
Power Mac G4 dual
Powerbook 12"

Cubase SX 3
Melodyne UNO
Steiny Project Pac

Lucid AD

Brauner Valvet
CAD E-100

Heaps of BD DT-531 cans
Genelec 1030 + 7050 sub

Steiny Houston HUI

Telecaster Custom
Jackson Soloist w MIDI retrofit + GuitarSynth
'72 Guild D-25
Samick Greg Bennet bass - rebuilt
THD UniValve amp w Randall IsoBox + SM-57
Mesh Head Digital Drums
Rare collection of NOS tubes Mullard etc.

Heaps of stomp boxes

Exceeding 50k...

...and counting.

Germanium Pre?

No - a Honda VT 750 C2 brutally killed that wish!

Be well.
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Lives for gear
Sirocco's Avatar
🎧 15 years
ive only got 3500 or less of equipment

boy do i suck

wish i was cool

hmm forgot to add plugins

make that roughly 5k give or take few hundred
Old 13th March 2006 | Show parent
Here for the gear
🎧 15 years
Studio stuff only:

Tascam DM3200 w mb : $4K
MOTU2408Mk3: 1K
KRK6: $600
Ultimate spkr stands: $200
DAW w2 17"LCDs: 3K
2 Ergotron LCD stands: $300
Desk (homemade): $200
Sonar5Producer: $700 (upgrades from 3>4>5)
15 yr old EV dynamic Mic: $500
ADATXT *used in '98: $700
Phillips CDrecorder ('98): $400
Motu2408Mk1: $800
Mac g4 Daw: 2K


Instruments and stuff add another 15K or so.
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Lives for gear
ArcCirDude's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Tascam 244 $1000
Gibson Les Paul $1400
Fender Bandmaster (pre CBS) $250
Yamaha DX9 Synth $1400
Bach Strativarius Trumpet $700
Teac Cassett deck $250
Radio shack PZM $45
Shure SM57 $65
Reverb? Too expensive

Total $5110

Oh yeah... 10 pack Maxell XLSII $5120

Wait! That was 1983! And now it's up to ca. $150,000....... Watch out you under $10,000 guys and gals! It's only the beginning......
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Lives for gear
Chris's Avatar
🎧 15 years
2.4GHz P4 computer with - $900 (guess)
Midiman Delta 1010 - $400ish (bought new)
Sonar 3.0 Producer's Edition Software - $400
Universal Audio UAD-1 - $350
Waves Native Power Pack - $200 off of ebay
Sonar 2.2 XL Plugins

Soundcraft M12 - $600

Yorkville YSM1p Monitors - $450
Sony monitoring headphones - $80
MoreMe Headphones (2) - $60?

Soundelux U195 - $1000
Beyerdynamic M 201 TG - $350
AKG D112 - $200
MXL 603 (2) - $200
Sennheiser e609 Silver (2) - $200
Shure SM57 (3) - $150

Grand Total: $5500 or somewhere around there.

I'm about to buy a Great River mp1-nv or something, so add a grand, but yeah. I'm on the budget. Haha.
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Lives for gear
ddageek's Avatar
🎧 15 years
I don't know what its worth so much was used /bargin!
1 SolidTube (it was spiff)
1 C414eb (pawnshop 150)
2 C451b (pawnshop 250 pair)
1 D6
5 Md421u ( pawnshop 150ea)
5 Md421 II ((275 ea)
1 e602
4 e604
1 Tlm103
1 km184
4 sony c535p
4 sm57
2 beyer m160

1 Dan Alexander neve 2 ch pre (350 pawnshop)
1 Aphex tubeesence (it was free)
1 ADL c 1000 (750 used)
1 Lexicon 300
1 TC M3000
1 TC m-one
1 TC D2
1 Focusbrite penta (gift)
1 ACP88
1 Valley Gatex
2 White 4100
1 empty APHEX API Lunchbox

1 Mix core
2 Mix Farm
1 D24
1 DSP farm
2 888
1 20 bit adat bridge
1 Avid/Magama 7 slot chassie
1 Glyph trip 2 18 gig glyph seagate
4 seagate FW 300gigs with oxford brides in varrious chassis
1 Maudio midisport 4x4
1 Mackie control
2 samsung 913t moniters
various plugs bought on ebay!

quested F11a's
senn 280s
senn 414s
senn 202s
Akg KM240s
Symetrix sx204
rane headphone amp

DDA FMR 16x16 with 16 channel DDA Forum side car

not to slutty but it keeps growing
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Lives for gear
cashewcupcake's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Originally Posted by Jules
Hats off to the under $10K gang, I am OFTEN being blown away by productions friends and aquantences do with set ups in that budget range...

I mean... past a certain point....

Taste and talent simply OVERTAKE any expenditure...

I bow my head low in respect to the under $10 masters!

I agree with this! Personally, I'm a outboard engineer, but I've heard great **** come from people with just a few grand of daws and plugs and crap monitors.
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