Hi Gearspace members!

I just wanted to thank you ALL for an amazing 20 years of pro audio discussion and online camaraderie.

I started the forum as a hobby and it's been an amazing ride.

Some highlights for me have been:

All the helpful, good spirited members - you know who you are - HUGE THANKS TO YOU ALL!

The comradeship of my fellow moderators - HUGE thanks to ALL. Also everyone that works for Gearspace! Special shout out to developer Matt (Gearbot)!

Getting great advice from a lot of people that know more than I do - Thank you!

Being able to help some people with advice - it feels good to pay it forwards

I really appreciate feedback from members telling me they enjoy the forum or how it’s helped their pro audio passion.

Trade shows. These have been great to attend and try to put faces to names.

The international aspect. We have had visits from over 200 countries in the last year!

Hearing how a thread or a post on Gearspace has saved the day - here's one example - a friend of mine runs Pro Tools rigs for some big live acts (recording / playback duties etc). One day his rig wasn’t working and he narrowed it down to one DSP card. But he couldn't figure it out - it looked (and smelled) fine, no burnt out components. So he searched Gearspace.com and found a post where someone posted that sometimes a tiny capacitor can get knocked off the edge of a DSP card as it goes in and out of a chassis.. He looked again and there WAS a TINY capacitor missing! He quickly soldered on a new one and the show was able to go on.

Looking through the photo diaries of studio builds here https://gearspace.com/board/photo-di...tion-projects/. It's amazing to me to see large and small studio builds from beginning to end.

Meeting Gearspace members in-person at trade shows.

Gearspace members that have formed successful pro audio companies. (I am looking at you Steven Slate!)
Congrats to all, there will be more for sure.

Helping cool brands - There have been a lot of brands that have gained momentum via GS over the last 20 years.

Manufacturer interaction, communicating with Gearspace members. Some products have been built to accommodate GS members' suggestions. The Gearspace community speaks and manufacturers listen.

Trade show meet-ups / dinners. Until it got too big to manage I used to organize gatherings around trade shows. In LA at Gearspace moderator James Lugo’s studio there was a great NAMM party - lots of people showed up including the late and great engineer producer Mike Shipley. At one point he had about 8 people surrounding him listening to stories of how he did things. It was great for him to show up and be so generous with his advice. At another get-together we took over a large Thai restaurant opposite the AES show in San Francisco. Someone came up to me and whispered like a secret agent, ‘Dave Pensado wants to know how much longer you are all going to be here?’ I confirmed until 10pm or so and then a little later got a whisper back “Dave’s going to be along soon”. When he arrived he had a great time hanging with the Gearspace crowd. When I stood up and announced he was in the building there was a stampede of R&B mixers wanting his advice! Dave loved that and I am proud he’s credited Gearspace as the inspiration for his YouTube show Pensado’s Place. Also parties at Electric Lady Studios NYC, Vintage King (thanks Shevy for the 10th anniversary cake VK! Back at ya with another 10!) Seer Sound NYC, AES NYC, NRG LA, Frankfurt, Austria, Music Works San Francisco, Kore London, and many more….

But most of it takes place - at Gearspace.com!

Thanks for this last 20, here’s to the next!

See you online.

Jules Standen