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I thought I'd give the SS mode another go on a male vocal I recorded last week and have to say that it kinda grew on me, especially listening back after a few days. I tracked a F bgv in VT mode and the combination fo the 2 modes really worked in this instance for helping provide space.

Still havn't had a chance to try it on electric guitar and am looking forward to that.

Originally Posted by Ivo ➡️
Question for Audio Hombre: Do you use the compressor on the STT-1? I have struggled to get good settings for tracking on it and nowadays I just don't use the compressor anymore. I know two other STT-1 users who are not so happy with the compressor either (but very happy with the pre and EQ). How's the compressor working for you?

Ivo W.
Yes, I use the compressor on every vocal I've done so far, but at very light settings both in threshold and ratio. I doubt I've seen more than a 2-3db reduction. No complaints so far.

I have to say that the compressor is much more 'usuable' than my 737's. I would how ever like to test it out more with an electric guitar, either clean or onset of clip and a snare, to really hear how the compressor performs.