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Originally Posted by tremo ➡️
What happens if you're running both Logic X and Ableton Live on the same system, since, as you said, Ableton doesn't recognize subfolders? Would it be better in this case not to use subfolders at all?
Hey Tremo. I would probably recommend so yes - bar on duplicating your plugins so you had them separate for Ableton and Logic (could be an option perhaps) if you want to use both I guess sticking to top level categories only would make more sense. Its a shame Ableton doesn't allow it really.

If you did use it, Ableton would just ignore the sub-folder. So you could set it up for Logic to have "Dynamics" then "Single Band, Multi Band, Limiters" etc etc - Logic would have top menu and then sub menu with the names inside, Ableton would just give you your plugin names within the top "Dynamics" menu.

Rather than having a very broad top level category like Logic's naming scheme with "Dynamics" and then "Compressors, Limiters" etc inside. You could maybe go for "Compressors" as the top category. Then whilst Ableton will just have everything you've put into compressors in one folder, in Logic you could split these up into "Single Band", "Multi-Band", "Modern", "Vintage", "Mastering" etc. So it would be still very navigate-able in both programs. You could even put a * or number certain favourite plugins so they always appear at the top of your list for example (which are ordered alphabetically in both programs)