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Originally Posted by Brasco ➡️
hmm.. a manual would be greatly helpful it doesn't seem to do what it says. no matter what i do it just creates a folder labelled DRUMS / SYNTHS or whatever inside the Manufacturer folders.
It sounds like you're putting your name in "group" rather than renaming the manufacturers name. The manufacturers name IS the top folder, thats how its set out in Logic current by Apple's standard. You need to change manufacturer name to YOUR top folder, the empty group folder is for if you want to use a sub folder and finally plugin name is the name.

As part of the next update we're going to make this more clear, we thought changing the manufacturer name as the top level would be obvious enough but its causing a lot of initially problems, so we're renaming this column "Top Folder" the group column will be "Sub Folder" and the name column with be "Plugin Name".

We're also going to roll out a "Getting Started" guide to launch when you open the app, hopefully that'll get everyone organising in no time.