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Originally Posted by philosii ➡️
Brought this as soon as i saw it here on GS and was on a buzz of excitement but it also gave me some scary moments too. One main thing was the 32lives interaction which seemed to duplicate my components from my Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components to my User /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components .
I started to wonder why my hard drive space was diminishing after a while ( I had also unlocked all my plugins via the Auganizer App ), it turned out that it was most of my components being copied over.
Im not sure if this is how its supposed to work or is a bug which needs looking into at this stage as this ended up close to me wanting to superduper my system back to a previous working version as my older songs were not loading up and Logic kept crashing.
Ok im not trying to scare anybody off as i really want this to work for my workflow but for the Dev to have an idea of what is happening on some systems with 32lives so it can get fixed promptly.
Same thing happened here with plugins being copied into my user plugin folder. I'm wondering if this is a necessary part of this working as we're talking about 10Gb worth of plugins...

If it has to, then I can live with that - so far it's just the 32-Lives issue that by all accounts is being resolved as we speak.

I'm confident this'll work - that aside - it worked flawlessly - after recategorising my plugins, I loaded up some old projects that didn't use 32-Lives wrapped plugins and they loaded up without issue!

Very exciting to be able to custom categorise - and being able to custom combine 2 different categories is very cool - so we can have Equalisers > API, Equalisers > Neve, Compressors > LA2s, etc.

Great scope for some really interesting category combinations!


Don't be - we had some scary moments last night before we knew that it was a 32-Lives/Plugin Duplicates in the User folder issue - once we took those out - everything was just as it was before so don't panic - this isn't going to mess up your system.

I only say that because I have friends who can be very nervy with anything that appears to mess with their system and prob. wouldn't give something like this a 2nd chance if they encountered a problem - so it would be a shame to see something as cool as this suffer unnecessarily because of people's fear of it screwing their system up - that won't happen.