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Originally Posted by dannys1 ➡️
Thanks MixFactory, I hope you do know 30 people who'd buy it, that would be great :D
That wasn't hyperbole...I'm serious - at LEAST 30 - pretty much all of my friends in music work on Logic and I know for a fact that this is something they'd all snap up.

I would have sent out emails today - but I know some of them can be quite nervous when their computer "goes wrong" so I'm waiting for it to be stable on my system before recommending it (and obviously avoiding them calling me up saying that it's messed up their system and they can't load tracks).

As soon as I've soak tested it on my own system (and I have some pretty hefty projects to test it on), then I'll put the word out - Logic has needed this for a LONG time!

The big question is - why haven't Apple implemented this yet? Surely must have been consistently high up on the feature request list!?