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Originally Posted by dannys1 ➡️
Auganizer doesn't touch the plugins (unlike the manual rename method) but it keeps track of which ones have been renamed (and to what) - so if you later install an update for the plugin and have this update rescanned by Logic, when you open Auganizer it will see that you've updated a plugin which previously existed and ask you if you wish to reapply your naming changes.

It will also do this if you delete a plugin and later on install it again.


Just to update some common questions.
We'll be working flat out to fix any bugs or problems people find with their plugin setups, there are bound to be a few issues with the varied and complex setups run over the next few weeks.

We're currently working on a full and detailed manual which will be made available to purchases, using it and playing with the app is pretty straight forward but if you have any specific questions at the moment you can ask us and we'll get straight back to you.

There is a slight limitation to the full name you can specific as part of Apples Audio Unit specification. You can name the plugin (which includes the sub-group) up to 30 characters, the top folder (or manufacturers name) isn't included in this and can be extremely long.

Also Ableton doesn't read sub-categories. Its programmed to only see manufacturer name and plugin name, which means unlike Logic or Garageband you can only organise by category/plugin name.
Thank you for doing this, I have been wanting this forever! Is it possible to get it to work in Studio One?