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Old 21st March 2014
For me it's usually MEQ-5>EQP1a or EQP10s, or a fave PEQ-1- this works great on gtr, bass, and horns.
Here's a tip- try the MEQ-5 before compression and the EQP after it... or vice versa!

EQP>Compression>MEQ let's you change the LF drive to the compressor [think pumping] and the MEQ can bring out the mid range presence.

When it's MEQ> Compression>EQP the compressor can grab any peaks the MEQ creates and the the EQP can add some air or girth back in.

Btw a 1073 with Maranairs into a EQP-a or PEQ1 is a great combo as well...

Have fun!