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Old 21st March 2014
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I just can't believe this is real. Are you Santa?

The demo is flawless.

I don't know how you pulled that one off. You just solved, in a super pro, elegant, efficient, complete, easy to use way, what has been one of the biggest headaches/rant/feature request of Logic users since ages - one that Apple dismissed time after time, living us with a bitter and bitter taste year after year.

Logic community will owe you until the end of time for this one. Sincerely.
Even if Apple, somehow, breaks it further down the line, they will now have to consider bringing on a credible alternative - that is, as good as yours, not a half-assed solution.

Off to buy this gem and organize everything right now

I wish you all the success you deserve, and certainly hope someone at Cupertino is experiencing the shiver of shame right now.

Cheers and a million thanks,