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Software Introducing Auganizer. Finally, rename and organise your Audio Units the way YOU want

Finally, you can rename, reorder, organise and arrange your Audio Units the way YOU want to. Introducing Auganizer, the worlds first full and proper Audio Unit management app for OSX.

Apart from some long winded time consuming hack-y methods, renaming your Audiounits has never been an option. Many OSX users have longed for the pre-AU days when you could arrange plugins by folder in the categories you wanted, to make work flow easier and more intuitive. Now, once your collection grows past a certain level you’re left with a long list of developers names. You find yourself reaching for the same plugins just because you know where it is in the list, or because you remember who makes it. Often I was found scrambling around trying to remember exactly where the plugin I wanted to use was or removing batches of free or budget plugins because they clutter the list up too much.

Not any more. We’ve made it possible to arrange plugins by group, sub group and custom name. You could for instance organise plugins into “Compressors” with sub groups such as “Multi-Band”, “Single Band”, “Buss” and “Mastering”, and name them whatever you refer to them as, the way you work. The same way you could turn to your rack of compressors in the studio and choose by the way you’d organised them, you can now do, in the box, with Audio Units.



We’ve put powerful filtering and search tools within the app so you can find the types of plugins you want to rename in one go. You can select multiple plugins to rename them all into the same top, or sub group quickly and easily.

To make identifying your plugins easier in the list we've added OSX's native cover flow which loads up the GUI's of your plugins so you can easily be reminded exactly what some of those lesser known plugins are within the app and rename as and organise as you see fit. We work directly with Logic 7, 8, 9, X, Garageband and MainStage this means you don't need to rescan your plugins each time you make changes, simply close and reopen your sequencer and any changes you've made will be live.

You can find out more about 'Auganizer' or our website. We've tried to price this product so that its a "no brainer" purchase for any user of a compatible Audio Unit host on OSX either pro or hobbyist. It'll save you time and make your workflow quicker, more intuitive and more enjoyable.


"just installed this! it has changed my life ..." - Steve Angello, Swedish House Mafia, Size Records.

"As a long time Logic user and owner of most damn plug-ins that have ever been developed, I very much welcome this solution!" - Henrik, Softube

"If you're looking for a way to organise your Audio Unit plugins we recommend Auganizer, it's very very dope and makes a massive difference to the way you access plugins in your DAW. It's the simple things!" - Evil Nine Records

"I just wanted to thank you for an AMAZING product. The latest update is so good. You guys have done an incredible job with this application." - Eric Cardenas, EC Making Sound

and many more on our website...

Announcing v1.1

It’s here! Auganizer v1.1. This release is all about adding compatibility and functionality across the board. We’ve made lots of changes on the backend of the software to cater for just about every plugin out there. Everything is silky smooth and running great and we’ve added a whole bunch of features since v1.01 including, but not limited to.

The ability to free up disk space by applying all changes to your system folder after editing.
Logic presets now follow plugin renames around no matter how many times you change, update or revert.
We’ve added support for Automap enabled plugins.
Full compatibility with Garageband 10.
The ability to revert all plugins (or selected plugins) to a pure pre Auganizer state.
The ability refresh the plugin list without closing and opening Auganizer.
New "Auganized" folder for Ableton users (see post about Ableton limitations here)
Various improvements based on user feedback.

We’ve squashed lots of bugs too including:
Unlocking plugins for users with a custom home directory
Wrong popups for updated components when two versions of the same plugin exist
A crash that could occur when quitting Auganizer
Fixes for 32Lives GUI’s in Auganizer (100% compatibility with 32Lives now)
Fixed bug for “iLok not found” in Slate Digital VBC
Bugs fixed for missing GUIs (by adding, “copy back to system folder” feature)
Signed plugins are no longer touched or edited.
In testing, 100% compatibility with every plugin developer, there are currently no known problem plugins.

We’re very happy with Auganizer 1.1, we brought forward a lot of features planned for the future to accommodate the way some plugins work which means we’re ahead of our planned roadmap and yet we still lots of ideas to implement going forward. Auganizer 1.1 is solid, reliable and feature packed.

I'd like to thank all the companies who’ve been so kind to contribute, support or help with v1.1 by donating their great products or working closely with us including but not limited to Native Instruments, Waves, Slate Digital, The Plugin Alliance, Sonnox, Softube, Lexicon, MCDSP, Fab Filter, FXPansion, Gforce, Arturia, Fluxtone, Focusrite, Audio Damage, Sonalksis, SKnote, Sinevibes, reFX, PSP Audioware, Plug & Mix, XILS Labs, D16 Group, Spectrasonics, u-he, Tritone Digital, Toneboosters, Tone2, Sugar Bytes, Stillwell, SPL, Ploytek, OHMForce, Nomad Factory, MOTU, Matthew Lane, Madrona Labs, LVC-Audio, Kusa, Kussa, Hornet, HOFA, HeelAudio, Hamberg Audio, Glitch Machines, Expert Sleepers, Eareckon, Cytomic, Cycling74, Cakewalk, Cableguys, Boz Digital Labs, Audioease, Audio Realism, AccSone, 112db, Kilohearts, Acoustica-Audio, Vienna Symphonic Libraries, Rob Papen, IK Multimedia, Melda Production, Plugin Boutique, UVI, Vir2.

Improved interaction between Ableton Live, 32 Lives and Automap plug-ins.
Auganizer now follows all aliases in the presets path.
Bugs fixed:

Ableton Live now correctly shows 32 Lives plug-ins in the Auganized folder in User Places.
Fixed Automap-ed plug-in renames.
Workaround for Ableton Live crash with DMGAudio: EQuilibrium plug-in
Improved Compatibility with the following plug-in:

DMGAudio: EQuilibrium

Improved Compatibility with the following plug-in:
Rob Papen: RP-Distort
Auganizer now correctly recognises renamed 32 Lives plug-in bundles.
You can now copy plug-in list from Auganizer to pasteboard.
Better synchronization between plug-in list and preview Cover Flow when scrolling using trackpad.

Improved Compatibility with the following plug-in:
Rob Papen: RP-Distort


Minor update to address bug with preset handling for signed component and to handle plugins which incorrectly were marked as not being edited correctly when they were, also a fix for users which may have deleted their user components folder.


Minor release but does add a big new feature with the ability to double click on the GUI and load the plugin. This is useful for seeing the plugin full size without resizing the cover-flow window and dismissing any demo messages or pop ups which are spoiling the GUI view.

Also added support of Kiloheartz plugins and any other plugins using the same framework, added a change so that any factory presets installed in the system folder also follow the plugin around along with user presets and fixed a crash which could happen due to a damaged plugin.

Getting Started Guide.

Auganizer | Getting Started, Help Guide and Manual.

Known Issues.
No known issues with plugins.
Currently reinstalled or upgraded plugins Auganizer changes are not automatically reapplied (will be in future versions) for now you can select the plugins which have reverted to original name after update or reinstallation and select "Actions --> Roll back to last change made to..." this will load up your Auganizer changes prior to the plugin being written over by update/reinstall.
An issue with Reaper loading older projects, work around found and supplied by user chime13 here

Tutorial Video.
Please find a long, in depth and very raw tutorial video, where I talk through each feature of the software. -->

For the more time precious, the getting started guide above explains all the functions and a PDF manual for offline browsing will be available very shortly.

Change Log.

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