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Old 1st March 2014
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Another satisfied customer. I sent a recently purchased KM83 to Tom for a once-over. He did some minor work for a fair price, and he was super easy to deal with.

I have used both the Neumann (Sennheiser) official service center here in the US, as well as Tom, here in the last few years. Of course, Tom used to work there, so the quality of the work is going to be great from either one.

The contrast (which works in Tom's favor): He is easier to communicate with and to deal with regarding payment. The official service center website is a bit of a bureaucratic tangle, and they make you prepay for a "worst case scenario" on the mic you are sending them. They won't charge you that much in the end; they are very fair about the actual cost of the repairs. However, you certainly feel like you are dealing with a large organization. Tom, on the other hand, responds to e-mail and takes payment via PayPal with no prepayment needed. That's a whole lot easier for me to deal with, so I think I will send things to Tom if I need any repairs in the future.