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Another very happy STT-1 user over here... But I use SS more than VT.

I like the directness and detail of the solid state mode. Most of the times I end up using Solid State pre and xfrm on vocals. When I switch to VT preamp to compare, the tube sound is nice - but subtle, doesn't blow me away - and I feel the vocal is a little less upfront. The Xfrm gives the vocal a nice weght, making the sound very upfront and intimate.

I have a EL Fatso next in my chain, using the tracking compression and some warmth on vocals. I can dial in quite some high end on the STT-1 EQ with the Fatso beautifully controlling sibilance and rounding off any edges. Without the Fatso, the Solid State mode on the STT-1 would maybe be a bit too clean for my taste on vocals.

Question for Audio Hombre: Do you use the compressor on the STT-1? I have struggled to get good settings for tracking on it and nowadays I just don't use the compressor anymore. I know two other STT-1 users who are not so happy with the compressor either (but very happy with the pre and EQ). How's the compressor working for you?


Ivo W.