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Originally Posted by Blackout- ➡️
have you managed to find any useful mods Pete?

i sure hope Korg release a firmware update for Swing. Or maybe some brilliant programmer could hack the code and insert a Swing for us?? 16 degrees of swing which is chosen by the 16 keys across the front after pressing a certain key function combination? its gotta be done! my talent starts and ends with a soldering iron heh
Thanks. I'm much better with digital stuff (ie, code) rather than analog, so I'm not sure I'll be much help here. Plus, holy crap is that dense packing on that board.

It seems to me that swing could be handled by adding in a second processor of some sort and feeding it to the sync. I've actually been thinking about how I could take something like the volca and add a second level of cpu, a new case, and break out all the pads. It's down on my list, though, after I finish modding this Matrix 6 (like 100 years from now) :D