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Originally Posted by Psychlist1972 ➡️
Ok. You've inspired me to open mine up. It's just a standard gloss black soldermask, likely chosen because the case is transparent.

In case any of this helps:
- The ICs you pointed out as sound chips are standard TI LM324 Quad Op Amps

- The main processor is a Toshiba TMPM330 family ARM processor
TMPM330 Product Series - Toshiba Semiconductor & Storage Products Company

cheers Pete. you are probably right, because of the semi-clear case they went for gloss black, makes sense.

makes for one hell of a trace headache!

have you managed to find any useful mods Pete?

it seems that above each Quad Op Amp there is a circuit for one element of the sound, and below there are things for a different sound. So they are probably splitting those Quads in half. For instance below the bottom left IC is the snare white noise, above it is the hat. The next one along the above section is the snare "tone" element, and below the IC is the kick circuit.

i sure hope Korg release a firmware update for Swing. Or maybe some brilliant programmer could hack the code and insert a Swing for us?? 16 degrees of swing which is chosen by the 16 keys across the front after pressing a certain key function combination? its gotta be done! my talent starts and ends with a soldering iron heh