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Originally Posted by Blackout- ➡️
it looks like just a 2 sided board to me. theres lots of "pass thru" holes but i dont see any evidence of there being more layers in the middle, at least not from following the circuit. But there is certainly a lot going on there in a very small space!
The vias can be hard to judge, as some could go through just front to back and others could connect other layers. You're likely right that it's just 2 layers, though. I'd love to see the PCB design layout; it must be incredibly dense.

The MFB-522 main board for instance is surface-mounted but the board pcb tracks arent "blacked out"...you can see where tracks are going clearly. With the Volca Beats it was more of a blind hunt but with a sense of direction from my background knowledge of circuits. Got there in the end. Different manufacturing i guess.

Its probably not a vexious move on Korgs part youre probably right, i mean they were kind enough to make nice big pads on there to solder to easily to add some separate outs and even label them so they obviously dont mind users hunting around in the box and looking at the PCB. MAybe they want you to go so far, but not further hehe
It all depends on the solder mask used. Gloss black solder mask can be nearly impossible to trace when compared to flat black or other colors. Here's a gloss black board I did some time ago:

Without the light at just the right angle, the traces are invisible. If they have some flux residue on top of the board, it becomes even more difficult.