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Originally Posted by Blackout- ➡️
hi there...thanks flat earth for starting a thread just for my mod!

Im doing the mods in the next few days to the KVB and then ill put up a video of exactly what ive done, once ive soldered. This thing uses micro surface mounted components that are VERY close together and the PCB tracks have been "blacked out" by a coating over it from Korg (possibly on purpose to hide the circuit).
Cool research. Looking forward to the details. Thanks for sharing your results so far.

Regarding "blacked out" do you mean just the normal solder mask? If so, there's nothing nefarious with that, it's SOP for modern PCBs as it keeps solder to the pads and helps prevent bridging and corrosion.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if, given the density of the circuit there, this is a 4 layer board. They'd want to avoid that to say cheap, but there's a lot going on on that board.