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Originally Posted by peteone ➡️
hey man thank you so much for this we are looking forward to the next video with the detailed explanation.
I have break out box for kick, snare tom,hat, pcm and pink noise - kind of like Koma Electronics mod although their kick and snare mod didn't work (had to look for different points on the board)
but yeah that board is microscopic ;-)
cheers man yes i looked at that photo they posted of their points for the kick and snare OUT and thought "what are they thinking, that is certainly the wrong points" after finding the right ones myself. Maybe they purposely mis-led so they can get money from people to do the mod themselves? i dunno. it really annoys me when ppl keep this stuff to themselves for financial gain. I will be posting exactly what ive done here, once ive done it! but i explain in this video where the correct resistors to get the individual outs are here: