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Old 16th February 2014
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hi there...thanks flat earth for starting a thread just for my mod!

i have also made another video, discussing the general layout of the volca beats pcb and where the sounds are generally coming from:

Inside the Korg Volca Beats drum machine and mods hack discussion - YouTube

and yes i was also the one responsible for the MFB-522 mod / hack

MFB-522 Drumcomputer 808 drum machine with mods project hack UPDATE [April 2012] Part 1 of 2 !! - YouTube

for the Volca beats the capacitor is a ceramic 104 (you can see me drop it in my left hand at the end of the vid) and the resistor is a 1k. Of course, where exactly they are put is the key and its not easy to show when holding them.

Im doing the mods in the next few days to the KVB and then ill put up a video of exactly what ive done, once ive soldered. This thing uses micro surface mounted components that are VERY close together and the PCB tracks have been "blacked out" by a coating over it from Korg (possibly on purpose to hide the circuit). Its not going to be soldering for the feint-hearted to do this mod, just a heads up! I am going to use a pot instead of the 1k resistor, so you can fine-tune the snare top end. As its only two things that need adding you could (i guess) use a DPDT switch if you wanted to just switch the mod in and out fairly easily. But i personally dont want to go back to that horrid cracking fire distortion snare so i will just be adding a pot instead.

i also have figured out (last nite) a mod to turn the hats into a triangle chime sound. its differerent from just turning down the Grain knob. This mod will be just on a switch.

Thanks for your interest and ill be posting more vids soon!