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The original post was clearly ignorant.

Clearly manufacturers do go thru the extra effort to make matching microphones.

Why do they do this extra work?

Supply and demand. The customer wants it and so they deliver.

No big deal and no bull sheet.


The need is BS in my how humble opinion.

Nothing else in the equation is really matched.

If you're using (for ex) an old Neve console, then you'd need to have the preamps, faders (send), EQ's line amps (on returns), power amp, monitors, speaker cable, and the room design to be perfectly matched.

That's not even going into the fact that the instrument isn't perfectly matched on both sides and neither is anything that the end user will be using to listen to it on.

And my ears are by no means matched.

So why would someone spend so much time perfecting only one step in a very long chain?