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1. Matched pairs make sense to me, if you want to use it for stereo applications or just want to have identical sounding mics.

2. I´ve been to Sennheiser/Neumann factory. They seem to seriously take care about this problem.

3.Roumors say, that some other manufacturers "fake match" their pairs by follwing serial numbers (XXXXX1, XXXX2).

This could make sence, if you think that differences could be smaller, if the 2 mics are manufactured in nearly the same date and time. But this thesis isn´t prooven for me. I watched the production chain at sennheiser (by the way, this isn´t talkink about business secrets, everybody who does a trip to the factory can watch this). The mic has a tolerance, just like said earlier in this thread. The frequency response can be beetween X and Y, showed at a display. The machine detecs errors and the capsule goes to hell if it doesnt fit. If you watch this display, you can see that some mics are more above the middle line and some are more beneth. Off course, its to quick to watch all the details happening, but it seems to me theres no really relation between the serial numbers. This make me think off: Why paying more for a "serial number" matched pair? Well, witch company does it right, which not? Good question....

Maybe the best would be to get 2 mics and judge this by ear...... Or if you got a good retailer, maybe he could do it before sending.

By the way, don´t you often think that the advertised frequency response can´t fit, if you listen to the mic ?