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Originally Posted by jslevin ➡️
Actually, using the word "us" is a first person usage. And besides, I'm not sure how avoiding that word would help me "learn something" about the microphone matching services sold by two companies in Europe.

That said, I am sorry to have included you in my statement without your permission. Let me try again:

"Well, that doesn't tell those of us who aren't obtuse jackasses whether it makes any difference."


Not really. I can only suggest you research the question yourself. You'll learn about how Schoeps, Gefell and others take the time to match, as best they can, two of their mics. You will also learn that they succeed. Then again, maybe it doesn't matter to you, which is fine too - not everyone needs or wants factory hand-matching. In the meantime, I'm content being a obtuse jackass with matched pairs of Schoeps and Gefell mics, and you can continue to be a smartass.