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Originally Posted by Rod Gervais ➡️
Most of us "old timers" (unlike you apparently) cannot "see" sound with our naked eyes....... we actually need to be able to obtain physical data that we can then analyze..... and that data needs to come to us in a form that fits within the guidelines that the industry refers to as "reproducible".....

What that means is that we should then be able to purchase (or otherwise obtain) that exact same product - go to any (certified) testing lab; located anywhere in the world, and then be able to reproduce the same results that the company bases their claims on.

It is the lack of test data proving the company's claims here that is the problem Mctwins....... not the audience's perception of the product......

Yes, I understand what you want to see, but, I can't provide it for you, namely "test data" of SMT products. It is up to SMT if he want's to provide this or not. You guy's can't expect me to show any test data lab, there is no point in asking me.

All I can show is thru my measurements wheather one is gonna belive it or not it is up to that person to do so. I can clearly hear the differens both soundwise and measurementwise. The meaurements I am showing don't lie, one could say, it is another approch to show how it looks like from a acoustical measurement point of view in a room(call it test data lab or something else).

This is a open forum where I can share my own experiance in my own thread and I don't see any harm in that.