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Sometimes when people ask me if certain microphones are matched, I say, "yeah, but I'm not really sure because my ears haven't been matched." Which is to say, I kind of understand what the original poster might be saying. Generally though, I don't believe matching mics is b.s. in any way from most manufacturers. Especially when the diaphrams are hand tuned to begin with. The whole idea seems a little trollish. Manufacturers are ripping us off, blah, blah, blah. Yes, most mics bought at the same time are close enough for many. However, if you want to know that mics are similar enough to use as a coherent pair, $100 or whatever the manufacturer charges is well worth it. It all boils down to how much you care about objectively accurate recordings.
Gene Lawson did it for free when I bought two of his mics, and I consider it a fantastic service. Definitely a big added value, because I use the mics as a stereo pair, and I take great comfort in knowing a highly skilled person took the time to do the job right. Matching was $100 from Royer, and I didn't find it valuable for 121s, but maybe I will for 122s. I'd be much more likely to use those in a blumlein. (another story) Anyhow, if you doubt stereo matching, I don't blame you. I would talk to the manufacturer though, and maybe they would be willing to explain it to your satisfaction.