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Old 17th November 2006
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Matched mic pairs - fake voodoo

Hi, I answered a thread on mics earlier on and I noticed how many slutz boasted about matched mic pairs in their mic collections.

IMHO, matched mics are a bullshit concept. How are they matched? Does an audio engineer measure their response with respect to each other in an anechoic chamber? Or is it just down to consecutive serial numbers and some voodoo type mystery about mic capsules. Absolute crap. Mics of the same make and from the same factory should have the same technical specifications, and should therefore be matched as a matter of course. No other industry would tolerate any significant deviations in spec and quality in the manufacture of expensive precision instruments such as microphones. So, for us to pretend that individual mics need to be matched to other mics from the assembly line is an admittance that the assembly line or workshop isn't good enough - and thats where things start to get scary......