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I answered "Ableton Live OSX", as that is the one I find myself using the most often...

That being said, how about a "Multi-DAW" option for those of us who are complete DAW *****s? I mean, I regularly use 5 DAWs (Live, Logic, Cubase, PT, Reason) and 2 Single-Track Editors (Audition, WaveLab). I only selected "Live OSX" because that is the one I use to produce my own music. When working with others, it all depends, and when doing audio-for-video, same deal - usually Cubase/Logic for the former and PT for the latter, but not by any means always...

Plus, what exactly separates a highly-featured sequencer from a DAW these days? I mean, is ReNoise a DAW? Is Maschine? Is Audition? Is AudioMulch? All four are capable of being a "DAW", but in a more limited capacity - yet, so is Reason, and it is on your list. So, what is the definition we are working from here?