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Old 15th November 2006
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How do u get that magic snare sound?

ok so i been trying to acheive that magic drum sound for a while now and not havin much luck...dont get me wrong ive done some nice sounding mixes with great cymbals but theres still somthin i'm missin i think with compression of the whole drum mix so the snare really reacts with the other sounds? i'm trying to get that beautiful poping snare sound. hard hiting but yet soft at the same time(no wat i mean?)...drum replacment is defin the sound i'm looking for but ive tried loads and loads of samples but cant get that magic snare. I was listening to a band called The Classic Crime...and their snare sound was pretty much exactly wat im lookin sounds a bit fakeish but it works well.....i think its from a drum machine possibly Roland td series? anyone care to take a is the link........check the song 'the fight'

if anyone can offer some help in getting the magic snare sound it would be much appreciated........