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Old 26th November 2013
Best New Compressor

I own a pair of Titans and I have to tell you it sound amazing...well because it doesn't sound like anything at all (Unless you come in at +16db from your daw and crank up the VCA Color Knob). But for the type of music I produced (Mostly EDM & Reggaeton) It's a beast. Best LEDs metering I've used, great for matching your levels (Input/output vs Gain reduction) It's all re-callable. The Dynamic Color button is my favorite, combine with the SHAPE button it works great on Drums and Plucks. To me it's the best Rap Vocal outboard compressor I've used and I own most of the big-boy compressors. (SHMC, Mpressor, Manley Slam & Vari-Mu, UBK Fatso, Fink 1176...) It's Super fast & Clean, and it takes some getting use to it. On my 2Bus I usually use the Mpressor follow by the Titan (Attack 99, Release 00, Th00 and Shape 99) the Mpressor can be very transparent if you come in at 0db or -16dbfs as my Avid 192 is calibrated but with the TITAN you can come in at full scale and doent sound like anything, Simply amazing!. Again this is based on the type of music I produce and my special applications with the unit.
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