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Originally Posted by VoxPro ➡️
I am cosidering on buying a Dave Hill Titan, I understand that you can achieve La2a like sound with the CraneSong Trakker. Can a Titan's owner let me know if the Titan is capable of achieving the la2a like sound? It is dificult to decide between the Trakker and the Titan. Application Voice-Over recording.

Thank you!
No you can't achieve an LA-2a sound from a Trakker, what you can get is a really nice sound from a Trakker with different tonal variations. The Trakker is wonderful when you really need to hit a compressor hard but don't want to hear it. For voice over the trakker is a killer. All this emulation hoopla you hear about with the Trakker and the Distressor are basically marketing bs, That's not to say you can't get lot's of nice and different sounds from either box. I prefer the Trakker for vocals by a lot over the distressor though.