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pots... glide on/off ..


Greg, could you tell us what is the format of the pot shafts , in case someone decided to replace the factory ones... like is it 1/4"... D-shaft, round or knurled etc...

maybe a pointless question from me, since i dont have a Boomstar yet, but am toying with the idea of 3003, and just started getting some sexy pots for some of my euro modules.. and there are some that look very much like from your early mockups, silver cap with a white pointer..

and could you give us an update on how will we be able to control the glide on/off for XOX style sequneces? i asked before, and you hinted it might be possible via MIDI or something, so i wondered are there any updates on that front?

i could use an external euro CV controlled slew (fed by expert sleeprs), but it complicates things, and would like to keep this standalone if possible.