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Originally Posted by kafka ➡️
Sound clips or it didn't happen ...
Sound on Sound mag example files:Gyraf Audio Gyratec XXI Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum | Media

Emil Thomsen's post:

Originally Posted by Emil Thomsen ➡️

Here is an example (peak level matched) on a drumloop where I have used the mid frequency-selective clipper only (in parametric mode), removing some low mid resonance (overall clipper is out).
Originally Posted by Emil Thomsen ➡️
The G21 can be 'pushed' in so many different ways, that is the very nature of the design.

Here is an example of the G21 working with a hot input level using all three clipping bands (mid band on shelving mode) and the overall clipper.

Only processing is G21 and dBFS level matching.

The sample switches between original and G21 every six seconds beginning with the original.
Originally Posted by gyraf ➡️

An example of a song that got varying amounts of G21 on every single track and the mix is Marybell Katastrophy's version of Libertine's "The Boy Looked At Johnny":

The Boy Looked At Johnny (The Libertines covered by Marybell Katastrophy), NME Magazine tribute - YouTube

Yes, it's kinda rough, but NME only gave them 24hours total for arranging, recording, mixing and mastering..

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