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Old 27th September 2013
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I just came in here to post again after another week or so with the unit, to express how much I am enjoying it.

The period since my last post here has been the most intense of my (comparatively short) career, and the GXXI has made coping with the workload easier than it might have been. Such a wonderful box. I'll write more when I have some time, but I am totally in love with it.

Insertion loss: I have the G14 before it in most cases, and I see about 2.5dB or so.

I also really want to apologise to airmate - my language was crass (see above about work pressure) but I meant no disrespect. The review was great, perhaps I was just keen to show support for the unit in an electronic music mastering context. My apologies. FWIW I share your views on drums, sidechaining and the like 100%!

Back to work...