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Originally Posted by Rumi ➡️
Now, do you really want to hear me sing?
I think that would be great to have you perform your own tests!

Something else to consider is this: depending upon how you do your sound source, and whether or not there is repetition involved, you may want to consider using a trained bel canto singer. The reason is that classically-trained voices are accustomed to years of exercises to train their voice to sound the same, each and every time, across a wide range of notes. Having such a singer perform something as mundane as a repetitive exercise up and down a scale would be infinitely more valuable than hearing another singer trying to vocalize a melody the same way for several different takes (if, in fact, this is how you'd have to do your tests).

The important thing, of course, is for each test to be as identical as possible to the others. Maybe even calls for a pre-recorded sample to be used?