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Originally Posted by SoSueMe ➡️
You forgot one of the most important parts: Level matching. And, there is a lot you don't mention that may completely flaw the results as well, but we're off topic and I'm not going to get into it. Carry on....
And I'll put this out there... IMO, there is no such thing as true level matching across different preamps.

Different pres will accentuate (or not accentuate) certain frequencies. One may reproduce low end better whereas one may have a mid-range bump. Because of this RMS will feel different because of frequency response. So use peak levels? Same problem... Then gain structure. How are you matching levels? Analog? digital? What if your pres have different step levels (thinking of Forssell vs. Pueblo I believe it was 2 vs. 2-1/2 dB steps)

Just throwing a wrench in there (because that's what I do... )