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Originally Posted by SoSueMe ➡️
Pink noise is fine, but it doesn't have to be perfect as you're not matching the levels perfectly anyways between preamps in a typical multi-track scenario, for example. Know what I mean? You could even just eye the levels in your DAW while you're playing to make sure the levels are fairly close between the preamps, as this is more real world. Pink noise/calibration is not required.
The question was about how to make it possible to level match them for playback. Since slew rate, frequency response etc. have an effect, peak matching or even adjusting phase-reversed files for minimal low frequencies might be not close enough.

Maybe taking the same peak level for pink noise over 20 seconds or so will do? Or white noise?

The other point is "sweet spots". The API for example is said to sound different with different gain. But if you go into that, you will possibly end up with too many variables to compare. I don't plan to spend the rest of my life comparing mic pres.