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Originally Posted by SoSueMe ➡️
I remember that product! Pure snake oil. That and those tiny little discs the size of large coins you strategically place on your walls for dramatic acoustic alteration.
Ah, yes. Funny, the vendor had these with him, too. And I could hear a difference! In the end I bought a Pass Labs X-250 from him, and I still use that. And yes, I can hear a difference.

Originally Posted by SoSueMe ➡️
"ignorance is bliss"
Ha! I have never heard that saying, and this is definitely not my experience. But maybe it makes some ignorant people feel a little better. I would still recommend the real thing.

I agree with what you're saying, and your test procedure sounds very interesting! The 0,5 dB thing (I would even go as low as 0,1 dB) can not be underrated.