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Originally Posted by fifthcircle ➡️
SoSueMe- you're absolutely correct.

This is why I didn't ever post any of the tests I did when I was first trying the Pueblos. I did a shootout during a sound check between them and my Forssell pres. However, to make sure they were behaving to their absolute highest quality, I plugged the mics directly into each pre. However, that also meant that I wasn't always recording the exact same music/performance/etc... Didn't feel like dealing with the GS "experts" that didn't listen to the test and just want to poke holes in the method.
I'm not answering your post directly, but rather just making some general points based on what you said...

Let's say you have two mono preamps and two 'matched' mics (no two mics are never truly matched, by the way, and you can absolutely pick one out over the other in a thorough scientific comparison).

You place the mics close to each other (about 1/2 inch or 1.25 cm to avoid shadowing - don't get closer than that). Each mic goes into its own preamp. Even if the preamps were identical, you *will* hear a difference between the two files in a thorough scientific test. Since microphones and their positioning arguably have a more profound effect on the signal than a mic preamp, generally speaking, this effect will overshadow any minute differences in *most* NON-identical preamps. Who is going to argue that most preamps have a more profound effect than the mic, its position, and its surrounding environment?

So what does this mean? It means that the test above is scientifically irrelevant, and people perform tests like these on gearslutz all the time. The only reason I'm making this post is to help out and bring comparisons up to a level that are actually scientifically relevant (don't be afraid; this is a good thing). If anyone's interested, I'll help you do this. If you want to see what a real scientific comparison looks like on a forum, look here.

Yes, there is the argument of real-world experience in the room with the mics and the preamps. But, most of us do not have that luxury. I personally believe it is possible to get way more out of file comparisons than what is typically posted on these boards.

So, how do we differentiate/remove the mics from the equation in the above test so that we take the next step in coming up with a meaningful comparison? We record at least one more performance, but NOT before we switch the preamps. We also keep a record of this (very important). If the files are properly executed, the mics can essentially be "nulled out" so that their unique characteristics do not contribute to what we're really trying to compare here: The preamps.

Once the two files (at minimum) are recorded, they can now be cut up, sliced, randomized, and level-matched so that they can be implemented into a test that will give back meaningful results, not a bunch of placebo that doesn't do anybody any good. Again, I can do this last part.

Also, the same thing can be performed with two stereo preamps and four 'matched' mics.

And Rumi, I won't scrutinize anything you post on here. I'm just offering help if anyone wants it. At any rate, I'll probably eventually pick up the Pueblo and do a comparison between it and my SMP-2A (Forssell).