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Originally Posted by jupiter8 ➡️
Just out of curiosity since it's mentioned in the thread topic: is Audio Upgrades in the same league as the other pres mentioned here ?
I asked Mike Jasper (who reviewed both in TapeOp) about Gordon vs. Audio Upgrades, and his reply was

"Get the Gordon. The Audio Upgrades is cheaper and works well, but the low end on the Gordon is amazing. It sounds clear, accurate, but never sterile.

I also owned a Millennia, and it killed that too. I still prefer an old Neve on vocals, but for pure acoustic guitar you can't beat the Gordon."

From what I've heard Gordon and Pueblo (and for some also Forssell and NPNG) seem to be in a league of their own. But there will always be people who prefer another of those high-end pres (GML, Martech, Hardy, Crane Song, Grace, Millennia, Audio Upgrades, Pendulum, etc.).

What I've read is that some people prefer the Audio Upgrades pre over the DACS Clarity ("more fluid" was one statement, if I remember correctly). Unfortunately I have never heard the Audio Upgrade pre. There were some units on ebay recently for great prices.