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Old 23rd September 2013
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I have also discovered what SoSueMe said regarding multing mic signals between two preamps. The sound changes compared to a direct connection, and it usually affects one pre more so than the other. I agree that it must be an impedance issues that affects the high end in particular.

Rumi, I am very sorry to hear about your burglary, where 21 mics were stolen. That is my worst nightmare. I am glad to see you rebounding so well and that your engineering spirit is obviously still intact.

My suggested test (to be done in addition to the others) is to use your 3 CAD 350s as best you can. First confirm that their frequency responses are as close as possible using the same pre on each each mic, but across 3 performances. Then after confirming that the 3 CADs are 'matched' close enough for testing purposes, line up all three capsules as close as possible (pick an axis for all of them to share according to the instruments dispersion) and record a single instrument performance (solo acoustic guitar would be nice) with three different pres (and three 350s). You could even swap the pres and mics around for a second or third take to ensure the positioning and mic differences arent throwing off the test. Again, this would be just one test along the road...

Your list of pres is the most impressive gathering I have ever seen on GS or in any studio. Looking forward to your results. Don't forget to have fun!