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Thank you all so much for your comments!

I am looking forward to the Pueblos! Scott is in the process of finding the best way to ship the unit to Switzerland (it will be the first one in Switzerland).
Karl of NPNG will start upgrading my unit to 4 channels tomorrow.
And my new ULN-8 should be on its way.

Some years ago there was a burglary in my studio, and among other things 21 microphones were stolen. My mic collection has not recuperated from that (and some of the mics were irreplaceable).

I currently have 4 Grosser-modified Gefells MV 691 that I could use for tests, but I need to get more capsules for them. So if anyone is willing to sell or loan me some Thiersch-refurbished M70 or M94, feel free!

I would like to do my tests with two identical stereo mics, and two preamps at a time. I have a split box, but am not overly interested in finding out how the preamps handle an impedance mismatch (the splitter seems to have trannies, though - would that lead to useful test recordings?).

Unfortunately I don't have any Schoeps, and have never worked with one. I have a Wagner U47, though, that I could include in the test (and we're also planning to compare it to a Flea 47 Next). And I really like the CAD 350, of which I have 3. And I will also include the Soundfield MkV in those tests.

Any advice or wishes (or loans of mics / mic capsules) for those tests are appreciated! But I must say that my schedule doesn't allow me much at the moment, so don't expect that those files will be available within a few weeks.

If anyone in Switzerland is reading this, and interested in contributing a mic pre or an instrument, that would be great! My studio is located in Winterthur.

Pres I have / will have:
2 ch Forssell SMP-2
2 ch Pendulum Quartet
4 ch Pueblo
4 ch NPNG
8 ch ULN-8
2 ch Mercury M72s
2 ch Daking Pre/EQ
5 ch ZAG
1 ch API
1 ch Siemens V78
2 ch NTP
Soundfield MkV

Instruments available:
Acoustic guitars
Electric guitar
Mandolin and Mandocello
Egg shaker