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Guys, it's great that the word seems to spread – this is a beautiful piece of gear!

I though I'd chime in here... I'm the author of the SOS review. I find it interesting that different people come to different results with the G21. But probably that's totally normal, as with any piece of gear. Over the course of my review I have talked to a few other people with good experience with the G21, and some of them liked the unit for electronic music as well. So ultimately it comes down to this: It really depends on your tastes and working methods (and your alternatives) if you can make something work in a given environment. I stand by everything I said in the review, but even though I try to be as objective as possible when reviewing equipment it's no surprise at all that other people may come to different conclusions.

I have to say though that I have a lot of experience mixing EDM (I think the reference list on my website really speaks for itself...), and I really tried to make the G21 work for me for that part of my daily work, as I am really fond of what it can do for me working on other genres.

But that being said, my working methods might be considered a bit unusual at times. I rarely ever use mix buss processing when mixing EDM, I don't like multiband compressors all that much, I always (re-)tune the drums before I even start to touch EQs and I have never, ever been using sidechain compression as a tool to make room for bass drum and bass (because I am employing other, less obtrusive and – for me – better means instead).

What I am trying to say is that my statement about the G21 and EDM doesn't come out of nowhere at all, but to me it's totally obvious that other engineers may come to different conclusions – that's the very nature of our work.

So please take my statements with a grain of salt and try the G21 out for yourself. And if you like it for EDM work – fine, I'm happy for you! heh